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    Praying continually for you, Lauren, and your family!! Lauren has been such an inspiration to my mom and our family!! She’s definitely a fighter and has the attitude and tremendous support to make it through! Thanks for the updates, I know it has to be the last thing on your mind when you’re worried and caring for her….thoughts and prayers from Iowa!
    -Kami and Julie


    Thank you God! What more can I say? I did call on Teddy a couple of times but this time I have to thank someone higher up the ladder.


    Pam, this is so wonderful (read update on other blog). Sedation off, abdomen closed, liver and blood flow functioning! I know you’re still holding your breath but I hope you can breathe a bit easier now. Lauren has it on her to pull through from here!


    Pam, I think about you and Lauren every day. My mum was as brave as my sister and was by her side every day during her illness, caring for her daughter. You are doing amazingly well – stay stong.


    Pam – all of my best wishes for Lauren’s recovery, I hope she will get through this with all the strength she has displayed in her fight so far, and pray for you and your family. Sending along lots and lots of good vibes!


    Everything still crossed here for Lauren Pam, and more hugs coming as well!


    Pam, praying surgery to close her up goes smoothly and she can start healing.. David said to tell you prays everyday for sweet Lauren and all of you. I can’t wait to hear her voice and see her gorgeous smile.


    Hi Family, and what a Family you are! PAM has updated us on her Blog about Lauren. Once again you may want to go to our Blog section, and then scroll down to “I changed Lauren’s blog.” OR try this: http://www.loveandhopeforlauren.blogspot.com/


    Pam-I can hardly read your post because it way to dejavue.
    I am proof there is HOPE and MIRACLES, like you I carried my St. Peregrine medal and holy card through all this!!
    Pam you are an amazing mom and family and you surround Lauren with love and Hope and have one of the most gifted surgeons so it will be a positive outcome.
    Keep talking to Lauren because she does hear you!!
    Lots of prayers, love, hugs and HOPE-Cathy


    Pam –
    I think of you and Lauren constantly! I am praying for your daughters perfect recovery.


    Pam….you and your family have been constantly in my mind these last few days.I so wish you all well Janet xx


    All of your thoughtfulness and love brings me to tears. What would I do without all of you. They are taking Lauren to the OR at around 11 this morning to make sure everything is ok and close her up. Hopefully, things will get better after that.



    Sitting here at my lab with tears in my eyes for all you and your family are going through. Please know I am praying for Lauren and her medical team. I don’t think you could have a more caring medical team. Please take care of yourself and try and get some rest and try to eat well. Lauren will need you and your strength when she gets past this medical intervention.

    Sending hugs and tons of prayers for you and your baby girl.




    I read your blog and just wanted to say I am thinking of Lauren and you all the time and continuing to pray for you. It is such a difficult time and you are so strong. Moms can be amazing and find strength for their children when they think they have no more. Please take care of yourself.

    I’m sure Lauren is hearing the family all around her and taking comfort in that. Good luck today – I will pray the surgery to close her up will be uneventful.

    All my Love to you,


    Pam, Dear Pam, you must have changed your name to EXHAUSTED! Just want to say that YES, Lauren hears you all. After Teddy’s 1st Whipple ONC Surgeon had him on a Ventilator and it is very hard to sit there all day and watch that even though they are sedated. Teddy used to wink at me as a sign that what ever the situation at the time, the wink meant all is OK. I got up to leave the room and I kissed his forehead and don’t ya just know it. I got a wink!!! SO keep talking to her, she hears you. Love you all so much. Stay Strong! Best wishes for tomorrow and thanks for doing the Blog, I know you are physically and mentally spent!

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