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    Grace, warmth and humor even in the darkest times. That is what I love. Sending you strength, hugs, and support.



    Pam and Lainy,
    How funny!!! You have to be able to cherish every moment. I remember how thin Gary had gotten…he also had the big eyes. But mostly I remember how huge his EARS looked…sometimes I thought he would just fly away!! How can you NOT love ET?!
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Elaine


    Laing, your post cracked me up and then an awe, that’s so sweet. I’m glad you are enjoying your little ET. It hit close to home because my dad looks like a rooster! Because he has lost so much weight his nose and chin have become very prominent. He has dark circles around his beaded little eyes and the front of his hair sticks straight up in the middle. When he sits up our hands go right for his hair to give it an extra boost. We bought him a red cardinal that also looks just like him. I’m glad we can see these things in a playful way. Have a good day!


    hi Lainy and Pam, I read all your posts but don’t respond much. my husband, Karl has had his surgery postponed two times already because of infections and weakness. Now he is rescheduled for surgery the 24th but honestly I don’t know if it will happen. they were never able to stage it but he seems to be in the same condition of your loved ones. He has stopped going out, barely gets out of bed except to go to the bathroom. He keeps losing weight and looks so pitiful lying there I can hardly stand it. He was diagnosed 4 months ago but I think he has had it all last winter because he had really high liver blood tests and they didn’t know what was wrong for months. I don’t know what to think any more but I guess I will find out next week when we go for the surgery again.


    Pam, we are in similair circumstances with Dad and Teddy. I believe his going out days are done. He eats so little but he tries. Only difference is his mind is still very good. I honestly believe the worst part of this whole journey is watching the decline of someone you love so dearly. I have found a new method of loving the look I see. My favortie all time movie is ET, for many reasons. I LOVE ET. Now Teddy’s face is so “small” but his eyes are so big and clear and bright and blue and I look at him and I say to myself, ET has come home.


    My dad is losing his remaining strength. We have been out once this week to his favorite coffee shop but that’s it. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to go because he is so tired. He is also eating very little. Yesterday he was in an altered state of mind. He didn’t know where he was and said he woke up early in the am and just stared around the room not recognizing anything. By last night he was running a low grade fever, couldn’t walk at all, and couldn’t use the bathroom. All things he just “forgot” how to do. Today he seems a little brighter and ate some toast and pineapple. He is now back to bed.

    The altered mind experience yesterday was just like the experience he had two weeks ago when he stopped chemo and went into Hospice care. That time he didn’t even remember going to the ER. We have been told liver toxins cause a lot of this. He takes lactulose. Hospice is coming once a week, but we called them last night to describe his symptoms. They said a nurse may come out today.

    It is so sad to see him like this, but my sister and I remain calm and tell him everything is going to be okay.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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