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    Hi Nancy, Sorry to hear this latest development. I hope the scan is good and that Doug will start to feel better soon. Sending warm wishes your way.


    I hoping the scan today brings good news your way.



    Dearest Nancy, I am so sorry to hear this news about Doug. I am hoping its a stent blockage, nothing more. You are both doing everything so right, just please, try to stay strong. Sending prayers and hugs your way!



    I know from first hand experience that a stent blockage will make you sick, cause vomiting and will bring on the jaundice look I’m glad they are looking at it tomorrow, but I really think blood work should have been done today to check out a stint blockage. This is your total bilirubin count. If he gets worse, don’t hesitate to take him to an ER. As my local doctor told me, blockage can go in sepsis really fast. Antibiotics are started before you get the stent change if lab work shows the bilirubin level up.

    You husband may be like me. We can get sick really fast, and then get well really fast.

    My prayers are with both of you.



    Hi Nancy,

    I too am sorry to hear of how Doug is doing right now. How is he feeling today? I know that at times like these it can be hard not to let your mind and emotions run wild, we have all been there with that. As you say, you have been here before and I am sure that you will pull these boots up again and come out fighting again. Please let us know how Doug gets on today, and I am thinking of you both and sending you tons of positive thoughts.

    My best wishes to you and Doug,



    Nancy: Have just read your post and am praying for the “stent blockage’. Don’t let it get you down, just the rollercoaster needing to be oiled. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always.


    Nancy….I am so sorry to hear of the latest developments. The yellowing of the skin and vomiting came about rather quickly. It is likely that Doug may have a biliary stricture for some time as the yellowing of the skin is not always, immediately, apparent. My thoughts are with you tomorrow. Fingers are crossed for stricture to be amendable with biliary stenting.
    All my best wishes,


    We have had a wonderful summer. We have gone out for dinners, enjoyed our back yard and walks with our dog Maggie, went to a wedding, visited with our daughter in Kelowna and just basically enjoyed life. We even went for a bike ride 2 weeks ago! Doug has been in good health, well as good as it gets with stage 4 cancer. So it is with a heavy heart that I say this, but this week all has not been well. Doug has got increasingly stiff and struggles to walk. Today he woke up yellow and threw up most of the morning. We were able to stop the vomiting and he has been sleeping most of the day. My heart is breaking for I know where we are heading. Doug was to have a scan the end of September but we got it moved up to tomorrow. Maybe it is a blockage and a stent will relieve him? I am scared to see what is happening with the bone mets. He has been so brave and I am being brave with him, but not brave when I am in another room. My mind and emotions have run wild. Well, I have been here before, time to pull up them boots and come out fighting. Hugs to all my cc family; I know you are with me, thank-you. Nancy

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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