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    Linda, I hope the new cocktail kicks cc butt!
    Make sure terry has gloves ready because touching cold things can burn. And get room temp drinks ready. From everyone I read about, the oxaliplatin beats most cc down quite well, so here’s praying Terry is in that group! And Xeloda works well against lots of the mutations. So between the two, you should have great results!
    Necessary things…
    Good lotion for hands and feet to keep them from cracking and/or peeling. Don’t be stingy! Two or more times a day.
    Warm socks
    Room temp drinks


    Hi Linda, this is kind of a bad news good news report! Ye old roller coaster. It sounds like the 2 of you always rise above and that kind of attitude is so important. I am hoping that the new Chemo Cocktail and knocks the heck out of the CC! Sounds to me like your ONC did good and let’s hope the next Scan shows shrinkage! Yes, enjoy what you have left of summer, winter will visit your area soon enough! Thank you so much for the update.


    I haven’t posted for a while as my husband hasn’t been feeling very well and I’ve been very concerned about him. Two months ago his scan showed ascites in his abdomen, he became jaundiced, and he had a high fever. The doctor decided to change his chemo from Folfiri to gemcitabine. I was not comfortable with this decision but my husband decided to go along with the doctor’s recommentation. The doctor also prescribed antibiotics as he thought some of the problems might be caused by infection as well as diuretics to address the ascites.
    It appears that the doctor’s suspicion of an infection was correct as the ascites and fever have disappeared and bilirubin, albumin and other liver function tests have returned to normal. However, we learned yesterday that the most recent scan shows a bit of tumor progression. The doctor changed the chemo to oxaliplatin and Xeloda and this makes sense to me. We also discussed some other steps that can be taken if this regimen is not successful.
    Although the news about the scan was not good, I feel that we are back on the right track. Terry is feeling better and we are determined to stay optimistic and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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