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    Thanks for the update o your sister and yes Sally stable is good. :)



    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the update on your sister and like the others I am very happy to hear the word stable, great news indeed! Hoping that the good news continues for your sister and my fingers are crossed for that!

    My best wishes to you and your sister,



    Sally…Great news. Tumor necrosis often follows radiation treatment. It takes some time to identify, as everyone mentioned, time to relax and enjoy life.


    Dear Sally,
    Thanks for the update on your sister and I am so happy there was no growth. Continue to enjoy living life with her everyday and enjoy the next 3 months without chemo!!
    Hugs and prayers,


    Dear Sally, that is great news, you know we love the word stable. Here is hoping for good news in the Spring. Thanks for letting us know, it is good to hear good news!


    I haven’t posted much lately. just running a lot. when my sister is getting treatment we are busy with that and when she isn’t we are busy enjoying life. I did want to post some good news. in the fall they found another tumor in her pelvis that was growing. she was hoping for another surgery. its kind of funny when you are asking for surgery. unfortunately the tumor was in a dangerous area. it was about 3.5 cm when the drs decided to do radiation. she went thru 5 weeks of radiation around thanksgiving and she just had a ct scan last week to see if it was effective. the tumor is still there but it hasn’t grown which is good news. we thought dr was going to recommend chemo but he was happy with the ct results and suggested we wait and do another scan in 3 months. any time the dr says no chemo is a good day. another ct scan in the spring and just see what happens. hopefully it will stay where it is. got to continue to have hope the longer she fights the more chances that a researcher will find a better treatment or some day a cure.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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