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    Thanks for the update Stacie. I am hopeful for his recovery. Please let him know that we’ve been caring/thinking of him.



    A quick update on Peter. His surgery is complete. Three hours of preparation and 2 hours of actual re-routing surgery. They are hopeful that he’ll be able to eat and drink now. The recovery will take some time and he is resting.



    Evan…I am writing on behalf of Peter. He will undergo a procedure on Wednesday with the hope that he can digest food as he is tired and has lost quite a bit of weight. One of us will write about the outcome as soon as we are being informed. As you have mentioned he continues to display his great courage in his fight with CC. We are sending tons of good wishes his way.


    Hello Stacie

    This is indeed sad news. Peter is one the first people I had communicated with both here and on the JH board almost three years ago. He has always offered insightful advice and displayed great courage in the face of his illness. Though his journey here is coming to an end, his memory will live with us all. Thank you Peter.

    God Bless




    Thanks for the update, I have missed Peter’s wise, calming presence on the board but we understand his need to tend to things and prepare himself. As I type this I am balling my eyes out, yes, Stacie, it is hard to make friends here as there is always sad news.



    Thank you for the update, Stacie. Peter is an inspiring soul and I know we all look up to him and wish him well on his journey. To be at peace is the most precious and rare gift – and he’s shared some of his amazing wisdom and helped us all with his humor and tranquility. Please send him all my best wishes.
    -Joyce M


    Stacie, thank you for the post. Even though my sister is gone now two months, I still check the boards every so often to ‘check up’ on my friends and the people who helped along the way. So thank you and all the best and even better to all the fellow travellers. Belle


    Thank you Stacie for letting us know. Bless you Peter always. Peace and love to you.

    Charlie and Carol


    Oh Stacie,
    That is not what I wanted to hear, however, I am happy that Peter is finding peace with the situation and using his time as he sees fit. I have had a special prayer for Peter for some time and I of course will continue it. Sometimes though I realise how greedy I am. In my mind and heart I want to shout that I am not ready to hear this or deal with it. But then there is Peter, always calm, graceful and dignified finding his path and peace. How can I rail against the injustice of everything when the person it is happening to doesnt act or respond that way?

    I will be sending you the most positive feelings and thoughts Peter. I have missed you on the board with your dedication to knowing your “numbers” as well as your humor and strength. I appreciate you have more important things to do with your time now than post here, but if you do still read, know that I am thinking and hoping for your path to be your path. Several years ago, I worked with a Native American teacher who helped me with my spirit guides and spiritual knowledge so I can understand how the rituals bring you peace and knowledge. You are a blessed man Peter to know what you know and to be loved and respected by so many people. Positive energy your way.



    Stacie you are an angel. I got a peaceful feeling from what you wrote. Some people who have it all, health and wealth, will never have the blessed peace that Peter is feeling. Thank you for the update and we pray for Peter to continue on his journey with dignity and peace.


    Peter asked me to share a few thoughts with you.

    “I’m fading. Every task takes great effort and I’m becoming more reclusive. I weigh 126 lbs. I am able to get in the woods most days. I am drumming (native american hoop drum), in touch with my spirit guides and doing my inner work. I remain in the best place I’ve ever been in so many ways but my body is preparing to leave.”

    He said that he’s sorry he hasn’t been able to post on the discussion boards, but he’s been learning that he has to say no to many things.

    I know that sometimes when someone stops posting we all go into a little bit of a panic. Every time I talk with Peter or get an e-mail from him I feel his peacefulness and just wanted to pass that on to you so that you can know that he is alright.

    This is the hardest part of this job for me, coming to grips with constant loss. It is also the biggest blessing. I feel like I’m working among angels. I feel truly blessed to see you reach out to one another and know that many of you are doing much behind the scenes. You are a blessing to me and I’m grateful for all that you do.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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