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    I know what you mean Moontje. Trying to stay calm during all of this is not easy I know, but I think you will be able to make better decisons and deal with everything if you can stay calm. Again hard I know sometimes considering everything that you are dealing with right now.

    Hugs back to you,



    thank you gavin.. duke and marion

    we try not to panic, but it is very hard to do not .. i let you all now what the scan says…
    thanks for your input and positive thoughts…

    hugs moontje


    Hi Moontje,

    I agree with what Duke says here, please do not panic! Try and stay strong and remember what has got you both through these 7 years. As you both know, yes this is a rollercoaster and you have been through a ton of up’s and down’s so far. Do not panic and try not to think the worst either as that won’t help right now.

    I hope that you get some good news from the upcoming scan results and please let us know what they say and also what Tom’s medical team recommend. Loads of positive thoughts are coming over the North Sea to you and Tom.




    moontje….as Duke has mentioned, other therapies are available. At one point, patients build resistance to the therapies and are then switched to other available drugs. Depending on the location of the tumor, radiation can be of help. Perhaps you can consult with an interventional radiologist or an oncology radiologist. For now though I am crossing my fingers that the upcoming scan will show continuous tumor reduction.


    First thing is to eliminate the desperation. You’ve made it through seven years, this is not the time to panic. Take a deep breath, or as many as you need. Look into Tom’s eyes and take strength from him. I am the patient, but sometimes I think it’s harder on the primary support person. You’ve been doing your best for all these years and you have so much to show for it. I’m not sure how this idiom will come over, but “keep on keeping on.” ==> Don’t give up. Treasure every moment you have and look for miracles where you can find them.

    As for a second opinion, that will be endorsed by everyone on these Boards. So much has been learned in the last few years that was not even suspected seven years ago. Look at all the reports Gavin has posted.

    There are excellent centers on the East coast in New York, Boston, and elsewhere you can go to for a second opinion.



    hello everyone

    tom has had 4 rounds of chemo…gemox…he will have next week round 5.. and then he get a scan to see if the chemo is working.. he has a few side afects but overalll he tolerates it well.
    there is a chance that the chemo is not working…my question is what to do next… when its not working?? they told us that there are now options if the chemo is not working,,,please help us what to do next… another chemo regime…or radiation we do”nt now what to do anymore…
    i was thinking to get a second opinion in new york…has any of you an idee how much money it wil be.. to do so.. and how i can arranged that…?? i am desperate at this point…and overwelming by fear..don’t no what to do… i wil try everything to keep him safe and as long as possible alive…that is our gaol…7 years he is fighting this disease..ups and downs… a rollercoaster it is… but we do’nt give up….

    god bless you all… greetings from holland …moontje

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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