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    Helen….thanks for putting up the link. Love the picture, Malcom.



    Thank you for your kind words, Malcolm.

    And if there is anyone with whom the words “courage” and “vigour” should be associated, then you certainly fit the bill – as your fundraising climb up Pen y Ghent earlier this year as a celebration of life after cc surgery must surely testify:


    Helen x


    I looked up ‘warrior’ after Lainys memorable comment above.

    My dealings with Helen via fund raising have been very unwarriorlike indeed – wonderfully supportive.

    But I find that the term has become figuratively associated with ‘courage’ and ‘vigour’ and Helen certainly this in abundance and more.

    Thanks Lainy for recognising what we in the UK have known for some time.



    Identifying the cancer cells at a molecular level? Our dreams come true!!!!!


    Well, apparently certain areas in proteomic research are pointing in that direction – I thought I must have misheard, and asked at least twice for clarification – and that’s without doubt what he said!!

    If I hear any more I will keep you posted …


    A urine dip stick test for cc in the near future?
    Wow,”the hope is near and the dream will never die”,who knows this famous quote will also can be applied for CC patients like us in the near future.
    Thanks for the info. and keep up the good work.
    God bless.


    Thank you for your kind words, Gavin, Lainy and Marion.

    As you will know, the cc situation can be very different here in the UK compared to the US, especially with regard to treatment. We know that it is possible for more aggressive, more ‘boundary-pushing’ treatment in the US – and we watch the statistics carefully! The NHS can be a wonderful system, but funds are limited and use of them is strictly monitored – but then again, we don’t have the insurance difficulties that you guys experience!

    Marion, like yourself, I will remain a ‘warrior for the cause’ and hope that one day in the not too distant future we will see the answers we all hope for – both sides of the Atlantic!!

    Helen x


    Great information Helen. I can’t thank you enough for sharing it with all.


    Thank you Helen, there is some exciting work being done for CC. I humbly thank you for being such a warrior for the cause. I find it very comforting as well as addicting. I would never have met all the wonderful people I have met by post over the last 5 years. My admiration goes out to you and am sending you best wishes.


    Thank you so much for this Helen, great work and very exciting too! And thank you also for sharing this with us all here. Lots to look forward to!




    Dear CC Family

    As you many of you may be aware, AMMF is the only registered charity in the UK working to raise the awareness of cc, to provide information, and fundraise for research into this disease.

    We have strong links with the cholangiocarcinoma research team at Imperial College in London, and last week had a meeting with them to review current happenings in their world of cc research, and to meet and talk with Dr Abigail Zabron, the Research Fellow AMMF will be funding from October.

    If you would like to read a summary of this meeting, please go to:


    With kindest regards to everyone.

    Helen x


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