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    Thought I would post an update of my husband’s progress to date. He had a liver resection last October ’05 followed by Oxiliplatin and Gemcitbine then 5 1/2 weeks of radiation and 5-FU. He finished this treatment in June of ’06 with a report of “no evidence of cancer”. At his September scans a few small lesions appeared but his oncologist was “not convinced” that the cancer returned. 6 weeks later (November ’06) scans were repeated. His cancer has recurred. He has several small lesions in his liver and lesions on both sides of his pelvis. Although disappointed I don’t think we were too suprised. We left the office 6 weeks ago assuming his break from treatment would soon be over. He was able to fit three short vacations into the additonal six weeks he was given. He felt better than he has in 1 1/2 years. Unfortunately, that turned around on Tuesday after one day of chemo. Hearing that this chemo was milder than his previous protocol, he believed that he did not need to take his anti-nauseous meds. His current plan of treatment is Irinotecan (Camptosar) and Erbitux. He will also receive a bone strengthener in a monthly infusion. Scans will be repeated in 6 weeks. I guess it time to draw on all the “inner strength” we can muster to do battle again.

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