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    Hi Kate,
    So glad to see that your mother has discovered the joy of morphine! It’s a miracle, really – I don’t know what we would have done without it. She’s pain-free and her mental state is peaceful, and that’s the most you can ask for. What a great attitude your mom has! You have a great atttitude about all this, too- I guess it’s in the genes! I hope you get to spend more time with her in her new pain-free state.
    – Joyce


    JUst to update you all…Mum has been transferred from hospital, to the local hospice. They are going to monitor her for a few days, and amke sure that all pain control medication is working fine etc etc. If she stabalizes, then she will be bale to come home. But if things continue to get worse, then obviously, she is in the best place available.
    She has embraced the world of hard drugs (morphine!!), and is very happy to be pain free! She says it gives her the most lovely dreams. A nurse told me that that is not always the case. I reckon, it’s because she has no regrets about her life, and no unfinished /unresolved business. She is able to relax and accept. Her only concern , is being pain free. As long as that is working, she is fine!
    Amazing woman! I’ll keep you all posted!


    Oh THANK YOU Ron! Bless!
    Well, things have got a bit better, in some ways. They did the drain Wednesday. There were 2 1/2 litres of ascites in her gut, which is fairly moderate compared to what it could be. Unfortunately, this did nothing MUCH to relieve her discomfort, and when I visited the next day, she was still very low and uncomfortable. They x-rayed her stomach, to see if she had a twisted piece of gut or something, but could find nothing. So, they are assuming, from the ultrasound they did, which did not paint a pretty picture of her liver, that it is her liver which is most likely causing the trouble. They have taken her off all other pain killing drugs, and moved to regular morphine, a small dose every 4 hours. Well, I went in Friday, and she was as perky as anything, and has been ever since! Can’t stop her chatting, it’s lovely! She had been so quiet and withdrawn for the last week, I was beginning to think that that was how it was going to be ALL the time. But she is now able to eat again (she’d been eating such MINISCULE amounts), and is enjoying that, and like I say, is bright and chatty! So, it doesn’t look like things are going to improve in any way, but as long as she is happy and free of pain, then that’s the ticket!
    My Brother will be coming over from NZ at the end of the month, which will make life easier for us all.
    I hope you are doing OK following surgery….I’ll have a nose at your posts!



    I have only recently returned to this site following my own surgery, and was very sad to read your recent posts. I do hope you have had some more positive news during this last week. One thing for sure is that you do not need to apologise for having an occasional rant on this site. You will always receive sincere support.

    All the very best



    OOOOOOOoooooooh I need to rant!
    My last post was Saturday night. Woke up Sunday morning, went in to check on her, and she said “I really think I need a Doctor, Kate, as I really feel so dreadful.”
    So, called Doc out. He wasn’t our regular man, but looked her over, pronounced that he didn’t think she was about to keel over, BUT, that she had a chest infection (she caught a cold off my kids), and that he suspected ascites. He prescribed antibiotics, and told me to speak to our Doc Monday morning, and get her into hospital to be checked over.
    SO, did as he suggested. 10am Monday morning, she was admitted. Around 1pm she had a chest Xray, and 5 pm, had an ultrasound. There is a small amount of fluid round her lungs, and a moderate amount of ascites in her abdomen. The Docs and nurses were SO helpful and kind.
    I couldn’t get to the hospital till midday today. I was expecting her to be hooked up to drains etc……………no! She had been moved to another ward, but nothing had moved on, she hadn’t seen a Doctor at all. I had to leave at 2pm, and got back at 4pm. In the interim, the consultant had visited. Apparently another very nice man, who said that she will have a drain sorted out tomorrow for the ascites. She was happy for that news, but still suffering discomfort. Fast forward 3 hours, and she was, my trooper of a Mother, lying there, in tears, saying that wished it was all over. Can you imagine? Bloody awful. So I went to seek out help, and lo, a nurse offered morphine. Within half an hour, my miserable agonized Mother, was free of all pain. WHAT a relief, for her, and for me. I know that many of you have gone through this, and lost loved ones. WHAT a blessing to see one of the people you most love in life, relieved of their suffering! Due to the discomfort and pain she has been in for the last week or so, she has not had a decent nights kip. After talking to her about this, I asked the nurse if she could have a sleeping pill for the night. I left at 10.20pm tonight., safe in the knowledge that is pain free, and will most likely have a decent night’s sleep. I cannot tell you what a relief that is! I have 2 kids here at home (husband self employed, and able to help out), and I can tell you all, that it is hard work, going through this, and trying to run a home and family!
    I can’t get to the hospital till around midday tomorrow, due to work commitments of my husband. To know that Mum will not have to suffer pain and anxiety in my absence, is the greatest gift ! Tomorrow, all being well, she will be drained of ascites, and I am hoping the quality of her life will improve as a result.
    By the way, the blood tests the Doc took last Thursday, all look good, apart from liver function…….well, with multiple lesions of the liver, one is not going to expect otherwise. Kidney function etc, all good.
    All being well, there is life there still, to be lived, comfortably, without pain.
    My apologies for the rant………..that’s CC for you!


    Thanks Jeff!
    He checked her over at the surgery, and ruled out ascites, although she has many of the classic signs. I hope he is correct.
    He said the blood test will tell him about liver and kidney function, and he will move forward according to what the results are.
    Oh bless her heart, she is just such an easy Mum to have around. I had a nice chat with her half an hour or so ago. She said she doesn’t mind so much if she doesn’t get back to Greece. I told her that whatever she wants, she must ask! Her wish list so far……kippers;smoked haddock (both for when she can eat more);a small radio, so she can listen to Radio 4;and some audio books, and a budgie!! The budgie is a bit of a joke, but if she picks up a little, then she can have the budgie! She has been reading her Mums old diaries, and reminiscing about a budgie they had when she was in her teens!
    She has barely left her bed today.
    One of the things I find most difficult, is that she is NOT a very huggy person! Because I want to hold her and hug her! And even though she is not a huggy person, she is still able to show her love unconditionally! She is in fact, the only person I know who has ALWAYS loved me without conditions! LORD I’ll miss her when she goes!
    Anyway, ramble ramble………I’ll keep you all informed!


    Hi Kate, Sorry to hear about your Mum’s condition. A prayer of support is coming your way. Did the Doctor mention anything about possible bile duct blockage or ascites? With her condition that could be a possibility. Just thinking out loud again. I hope they figure out what is going on, so she may have some comfort and relief.
    Jeff G.


    On 12th February I posted a thread about flatulence. Well things have just gone from bad to worse. So much so, that I have got to cancel Mums return flight to Greece. She was going to return this coming Monday.
    It seems that every thing she eats, just fills her up with wind. She says that as soon as she starts to eat, she can feel herself filling up. She can’t eat very much, because she feels so constantly full. And because she isn’t eating much, she hasn’t much energy. It is really uncomfortable for her, it feels more uncomfortable than the feeling of having overeaten. She is spending more and more time in bed. Her ankles are swollen, and she is suffering from breathlessness with the smallest of exertions.
    We saw the Doc a couple of days ago, and he has changed her pain killers, as it may be them that are causing the problems. HE took some blood, and depending on the results, will prescribe water tablets to deal with that.
    I don’t know what to think. I am HOPING it is just the tablets, but realistically, this could be the down hill slide.
    I am coping, but feel very anxious and worried.

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