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    Darla, Lisa, Lainy…… This is a subject that has come up about a year ago. I provided a bunch of information and some sites. AS a Diabled American Veteran myself, I would encourage anyone to start with the Disabled American Veterans Association. They have Offices at all Veteran Adminstration Hospitals and other VA facilities. They will represent you and provide a cover letter in conjunction with your application and cite the service -connected disability and conduct automatic follow-ups on status of your claims. They also will know how to obtained a list of all currently approved service- connected diabilities by Congress and be able to cite the law that refers to your claim if there is one. The DAV is not VA. They are there to help their fellow service member get what ever compensation they are entitled to by law. I’ve been there and done this. For a different type of diability not CC. Just Google “DAV”. They have the applications and know the system, which is critically slow I might add but going through the DAV ,I thinks helps a little time wise. They can probally save you a bunch of head aches as there is a lot of information required to support a claim for compensation, even more so if it is one never reviewed and approved by a VA medical board and approved by Congress. “DAV” Again it’s free and they don’t work for the VA but for the Veteran. You will always need the veterans DD-214 Discharge certificate. DAV does not do the obtaining of evidence or request for medical records. They lead you in the right direction and monitor, so things don’t get lossed in the system. However if there is an approved compensation approval on file, it’s a big help for you.
    Wish you the best. I want to add the DAV is the largest veteran support organization in the U.S.

    Bless You,
    Jeff G.


    And the Korean War……


    For those men who served in the Vietname War, I think that liver flukes could be an issue, don’t you?



    Thanks for the information. I feel my husbands CC is service related & am going to claim this with the VA. Hopefully this information will be helpful.




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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