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    My husband was a Korean War Vet and I understand there was a fish in Asian countries that may have caused CC. I am also wondering if there are other Korean War Vets who have contracted CC. I cannot remember the name of the fish but there were a lot of questions about the fact it carried a parasite.


    My husband was a Vietnam veteran (1966-1967) stationed near Pleiku who was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma and died. I filed a claim with the V.A. on the premise that his cancer was caused by Agent Orange but it was denied even after several appeals. Recently I came across a message board (re: Vietnam vets who have been diagnosed) that indicated that because our veterans served in Vietnam, they may have ingested a parasite called a liver fluke (very common in Vietnam) which is a risk factor for this cancer. I will be reopening my claim.

    Please respond to this message if you are aware of anyone in your family who served in Vietnam and was diagnosed with this awful disease. If you can provide the years he/she served and also if you know approximately where the person was stationed, that would be helpful.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)
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