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    It is extremely confusing, and depending which doctor you listen to, they will tell you something different.
    Despite the studies they claim to have, I don’t think they ought to comment or take a position on this, because they really don’t know. With many cancers, we have been listening to them for years and it’s not working.

    I’ve read a ton of information supporting the use of vitamins, herbs, etc, and many have no interaction with chemo drugs. The place you need to go for answers, is an herbalist, naturalpath, someone who actually studies this.

    I listened to my husband’s doctor too with regard to this issue….despite what I felt.

    Take a look at this study from MD Anderson about Turmeric

    One thing everyone should take, especially if fighting cancer is vitamin D. Have your level checked by your doctor and dose it accordingly.

    In my opinion, some supplements should be taken while on chemo…mostly anti inflammatory supplements like turmeric, and no doubt vitamin D


    Now I am confused…Lisa has a good point about the vitamins. :0


    hi jen,
    sorry to hear about mom,here is what my wifes oncologist said to try, but check with your doctor because everyone is differant…try a slice of ginger in your mouth during treatments, can be chewed if nausea starts or persists…or place one large piece according to her tastes in 6-8 ounces of diluted ,freshly squeezed grapefruit juice…blend and strain the ginger and drink with meals…it has immune augmenting properties as well as anti-nausea and anti-vomiting properties…i hope this helps and i wish the best for mom….ron


    I was told to get off them because of my liver values were too high and my liver just did not need to process anything else.



    I was told to avoid anti-oxidents because they counteract the chemotherapy. We want to kill cells, not keep them healthy when we are on chemo.

    That being said, I do take a not-so-strong vitamin every day to help keep my strength up.


    Hi Jen and welcome to the best little club in the world that no one wishes to join. My husband has not had chemo, only radiation and cyber knife but our daughter’s fiance has Lymphoma and along with chemo he has been going through a regime of Vitamin C intravenously. Massive doses. The Vitamin C has not only kept him feeling good but he had no adverse affects from the chemo at all. You may want to ask the doctor about Vitamin C in strong doses.


    I am looking for some help for my mother-in-law in the UK. She was diagnosed with CC in Jan 2009. She started Chemo 2 weeks ago and was told that besides the Avemar that she is taking she needed to stop taking all of her other vitamins. We are wondering if anyone nows of a multi-vitamin that they have been told can be taken with Chemo? We are strong believers in the inclusion of nutrition in the fight against cancer, but don’t want to jeopardize the treatment she is currently undergoing. I also ask because she has been very nauseous lately so her diet has been limited and now she has a fever and is being admitted into hospital. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Much Thanks,

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