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    We need a special volunteer. Marion needs some assistance in the advocacy area. If you have been thinking at all that this is something you might be interested in, we need you.

    Marion is very talented and one of the things that I have come to really appreciate is that we all have different talents. Would it make you nervous to be at a huge convention full of the most prestigious Dr’s in the nation and world? Would you feel more nervous openly approaching them, enthusiastically giving them a full explanation of what the foundation is trying to do and then asking them how they would like to be involved. This is one of Marion’s talents. She is not afraid and she is boldly moving things forward. Now, this kind of thing may make you tremble just thinking about it or it might be right up your alley. One way or the other we need you.

    One thing that Marion really needs help with is keeping all the details organized. So, if the paragraph above made you nervous, but sitting at your computer and organizing the information and contacts sounds a little more up your alley then this would free Marion up to do more of her work. This is a behind the scenes job (as most of us are). But Marion could really use the help. So if you are someone that has some time available and would like to do something to assist. If you are detail oriented and very organized, then please send me an e-mail at stacie@cholangiocarcinoma.org.

    Thanks so much!

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