Waiting and praying for surgery

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    Hello Sophie,
    Waiting is the most difficult thing in the world. But the good thing is: you also have hope. The fact they want to try and do surgery means you have a fighting chance. Hang in there, fight for all you’re worth and you will make it!
    All my thoughts go out to you. Keep the spirit up girl.


    I know how hard it is to wait – my Husband Butch has an appointment on the 30th of June at the University of Pittsburgh to (hopefully) have a liver resection – he if off chemo now, in anticipation of the surgery. We will pray for you, as will so many other of these wonderful people. After reaing these posts for many weeks, I feel we are all in this together, and that eases the burdon somewhat. It is true – the state of mind changes from hour to hour sometimes. We try to keep busy – I never understood what “living in the moment” meant before, but do now.



    The waiting game is the WORST! Try to distract yourself doing something that makes you happy or relaxed. Listen to music that makes you feel good. Play it LOUD so you can’t hear the voices in your head that present all the questions. Try (and I know how hard this is) not to dwell every waking minute on the upcoming operation and the cancer. We are currantly waiting to hear if our insurance company will “grant” my husband Cyberknife treatment on his surprise mets tumor in his spine as well as to the new tumor that was discovered on his last scan in his liver. The previous Cyberknife treatment to the tumors in his liver still show that they are essentially “dead”. But like you said the state of mind changes each day. Prayers to all.


    Hi Sophie…. You bet I’ll Jump in! Keep a solid postive mind as much as possible. Get in a dark room once or twice a day and meditate to total relaxation. Tell yourself over and over your a fighter and you want this CC gone! Also prayer every day as “you’ll never be alone if God lives in your heart” (Heb. 13:5). Now that I have given my preliminary speel, You go for it girl ! Hope is a beautiful thing. Every morning I go outside with a cup of coffe and just look around and appreciate I’m still here with my loving family. I even notice the different shapes of clouds and the patterns of airline jets make. Iv’e actually seen the shape of a heart one time; well it looked close enough to me. I’ve seen the clouds form a Thumbs up for the day. I watch for rainbows as well, but I don’t seem to be able to get to the other end in time to grab that pot of gold! Ha! I will one day. You take control Sophie and put on mind on the power channel! I really hope and will be sending prayers your way for the best possible outcome. It sounds like your surgeon has a plan of action. Tell the Doctor you really want all CC removed regardless if at all possible . Let him know your a fighter and you ready to take it on if he his. It’ll be tough thoughts and hard going Sophie, but you have already shined through with positive determination and what more can you ask for. I have no doubt everyone on this site will be sending their thoughts , and prayers your way. I’ll even cross my toes and tape them that way if you want? Well, got to help my 29 year old son move into his apartment today. Third go at it; and I just have a great feeling he’ll be successful this time. Best of enough to You!
    God Bless and Brotherly Love,
    Jeff G.
    P.S. Don’t hold back, you advocate for yourself while in hospital. If you want chocolate Ice cream or orange sherbet let-em know!


    I hate the waiting game. It wears us all down. I hope you get the news you want and then you can question us all on what helps with surgery recovery.
    Best of luck and good thoughts coming your way.



    Hello everyone, I haven’t posted for weeks, but I have been reading the posts, and you have all been in my prayers everyday.

    I have had 6 treatments of Gemzar since I last posted. My surgeon at City of Hope has scheduled a surgery for resection of my liver, removal of my gall bladder and dissection of lymph nodes. Although the surgery is scheduled for July 7th, I will have a CAT Scan on July 2nd to make sure the cc hasn’t spread and that my liver has regenerated some. If the scan comes back okay, then on the 7th, he will make a small incision and use a camerascope to see if there are any surprises. Then he’ll determine whether he can do the resection. It will involve nearly 75% of my liver. I have one more chemo tomorrow and then none until after surgery. After surgery, my oncologist thinks I should have six months of gemzar and Xeloda.

    The waiting is overwhelmingly difficult as you all know. My surgeon says to be cautiously positive but realistic. I keep thinking “realistic” – I border on hope and despair. Each day my state of mind is different.

    Jump in here, Jeff, with that wonderful hope and optimism you share with us all.

    My prayers for all of you,

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