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    Hi Bob,
    Welcome to the group that no one wants to belong to, but we are glad you found us. Gem/Cis is a standard first line chemo that many start with. For my mother, it reduced the size, and then since she still wasn’t operable, she had Y-90 treatments and is still doing well now 3 years since diagnosis. The chemo bought us time and then we were able to move on to other treatments.

    If you haven’t yet, I’d suggest reading through the info for those newly diagnosed (link below). If you’ve been reading, we strongly advocate being treated at a center with a multi-disciplinary team which also treats many CC patients. Second opinions have also helped many. If they haven’t done so, genetic testing on the tumor is recommended as well.


    I hope you do well with the chemo and have great success.

    Take care,


    Hi, I’m Bob Fisher in Cary NC. Like many of you, My whole apple cart (LIFE) turned over a couple of weeks ago, after finding out I have CC. I’m being treated at UNC Hospital at Chapel Hill NC. My tumor in the liver is approximately 8 cm. After 1 MRI and 3 cat scans it appears the cancer is still in the liver. They are not able to resection yet because it is close to the major vein, But hope to use chemo to reduce the size of the tumor and then they might be able to perform surgery. I start chemo next Thursday. They are starting me on Gemcitabine and Cisplatin. Anyone know anything about this combination. Any success in reducing the size? This site is a blessing and I have read and read. Thank all of you for your posts, They helped! I’m very interested in the treatment of using my stem cells (T cells), But the doctor says insurance does not cover this cancer yet. I saw one post on that treatment. Anyone know more about that treatment?I have found that eating something small every two hours helps me. Prayers help more than anything. My prayers are with you and your families each day.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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