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    As we know CC can cause unintentional weight loss which can be good to a point if you needed to lose the weight for health reasons. Beyond that point it is not healthy. I find weight loss is caused whether you receive chemotherapy or not. My mom has lost about 25 pounds since diagnosis which she needed to lose about 10-15. The challenge is choosing a high calorie healthy diet. The problem is getting full fast. It ‘s like the stomach shrinks or something in the GI area doesn’t allow the person to eat a lot.

    What diet have you seen works for your loved one or yourself to maintain weight? This would be healthy choices.
    Has Cannabis oil helped? (one person with breast cancer said it’s effective to get hungry)
    Also, before getting chemotherapy was there a rapid weight loss and appetite reduction or was it after treatment?

    Also, Ensure is not that healthy as there is high fructose corn syrup

    Thank you!

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