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What a difference a couple of days makes!

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    Hi Kris:

    Was SO glad to read your post and had to add my own proverbial two cents!

    My head shrinker told me about a year ago that I was so ORNERY and OPPOSITIONAL that she thought that I was VERY LIKELY to be able to kick this cancer down — at least for a while — because it’s JUST how I am.

    I think being FEISTY is a very very good thing for all of us.



    Hi Kris, Wishing you both a great time on Crete – enjoy & good luck with the food challenge



    Kris you sound great. Enjoy your time on Crete. You two both deserve it. Buy a lot of great scarves and eat some of that wonderful food for me!!!!!



    hi kris,

    wisch you 2 a happy vacation,



    Hi Kris,

    Good stuff! You sound a lot happier and more positive today and that is good to hear. I hope you and Hans enjoy your holiday and I’m sure you will enjoy the swimming. I have no idea if someone can eat their body weight in 7 days or not, but good luck with that!

    Best wishes



    Oh, Kris, I am so very happy with your post! Congratulations on the brown as long as it doesn’t turn purple! Crete, how lovely! You so deserve it. Our favorite Greek restaurant here is owned by a lovely young couple from Crete! Maybe you will find some great scarves in Crete. Now you behave! On the other hand, nah, don’t. Have a blast!


    The pain that wiped me out over the weekend…gone, though still some niggles in the liver but have had those for awhile. TMI, but I really think my body got whacked good with pms and those pesky hormones caused inflammation. I literally ran around the grocery store yesterday because I was running late. I feel SO much better.

    Since I already shared tmi, I will share some more…my poop is perfect. Seriously perfect. I have not had normal ones since my surgery almost 3 years ago. Let me tell you after years of yellow, brown is truely amazing, beautiful.

    And scarf shopping is far more fun than wig shopping. 5 new ones today alone. Now if I could only find some nice purple and green ones….

    Talked to the psychologist today and she has decided that having problems with the new oncologist is good for me. She thinks I like to be fiesty and that being fiesty gives me more energy. She believes “fighting” with my doctor gives me the strength to fight cc. Is that a compliment or not?

    Hans and I are getting a last minute vacation deal and heading to Crete on Saturday. Watch out Greece. Here I come. Can one eat their weight in food in 7 days? I will find out. The best news is that it will still be possible to go swimming and I didnt get to do that this summer since I was on oxilaplatin. We went there for our honeymoon 2 years ago, so for us it has special memories.

    Anyway, life is good and I plan on enjoying my time.


Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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