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    No fishing so far today, but we’re cooking meatballs for a superbowl ‘party’ at the clubhouse. No real bad effects chemo wise, tennis for an hour yesterday and then hit the gym for biceps/triceps while the kids were in fencing. Took a 30 minute nap before dinner and that was it. Today was just running errands and nothing strenuous, but eating will take a lot of energy a bit later! Keeping my fingers crossed… That Emend anti-nausea stuff makes me a bit jittery, but other than that nothing. Enjoy the football!



    It’s funny how cancer treatment works sometimes. Some people are so tired they can’t get out of bed and others are up at 3am because they can’t sleep. I’ve always been the one that can’t sleep and I blame the pre-chemo steroids. I hope you are able to get some good rest! And good luck fishing!



    Cindy and Derin, I also woke up at 3AM – steroids! We must think we are a bunch of roosters! Going to see what old movie is on TLC!!! Have to make my ‘Veggie” pate for Super Bowl tomorrow. For anyone who loves chopped liver pate, this is pure veggie and tastes just like it without the chicken livers.


    I woke up at 3:00 a.m. too. Couldn’t sleep due to chemo and the steroids I received Friday afternoon! Think I’ll get a couple of chores out of the way, after I read through the Discussion Board!



    Here I sit Saturday morning at 3am, can’t sleep. Time to go upstairs to try to anyway. So far so good, no nausea so far, Emend seems to be working! Relaxing weekend planned, maybe fishing a bit if weather is nice and I’m up to it…


    Derin…great blood work. Amazing the things that thrill us on this site. You must be excited not having to spend so much “quality time” at a nearby restroom.
    Take care and enjoy your well deserved break.
    Hugs and love,


    Made it home, no accidents along the way!! Just think, I get to do this every Friday for the next 3 months except for off weeks!!! Took about 5 hours with the doctor visit included. 4.5 without a visit to the doctor. My bloodwork looked pretty good today also after the off week:

    WBC 4.2
    RBC 4.71
    Hgb 13.5
    HCT 41.7
    Plat 257
    ANC 2.2

    We will see how next weeks levels read!! Have a great weekend everyone!


    I love your “potty” humor. Have a great weekend!!!


    I’ve got one of the better seats, closest to the bathroom and the massage/heat feature works too! Cisplatin done, not feeling any bad effects so far, and about 45 minutes to go with the 2nd dose of fluids and I’ll be done for the day…

    I have literally gone to the bathroom 5 times in the past hour. Couldn’t wait more than 6-7 minutes between the first 2 times, then 15 minutes, then 20 and 20. Better make sure I go right before I get in the car or I will be stopping on the way home!!!!


    Derin, not funny but mention my name, maybe it will get you a better seat!!!!!!!!!!


    OK, this is ridiculous… I can’t stop going to the bathroom!!! I just got the anti-nausea shot with the steriods and Gemzar is in, now I’m about done with the magnesium/potassium fluids and Cisplatin is about to start. Man, I literally went to the bathroom 6 minutes ago and it feels like I didn’t even go…. At least I picked a seat near the bathroom. And I think that shot of Lasix isn’t helping things either…….


    Good luck, Derin! let us know how it goes.



    Good luck Derrin!! Take it easy with the handyman stuff for awhile. You deserve a rest. All the best to you and your family.



    Derin, many good wishes coming your way for tomorrow!


    Well, I’m back in Sarasota. My cuts/scrapes are healing well, and the blisters are too. Not sure what the doctors will say tomorrow, hoping I can get on with it and start the Gem/Cis as planned. As I said in a post earlier, I didn’t even think about my blood count levels, just did what I would normally do… I guess I have to start taking that into account from here on in while going through the chemo. Either that or be more careful and not touch hot things, one or the other, huh? Wish me luck for tomorrow!

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