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    Beth….I cannot say it better than anyone has done on this board. Dave is continuing to fight and so are you. Know that you and your family have a tidal wave of love engulfing you.


    Dear Beth – Take your right arm and plae it on your left shoulder. Now take your left arm and put it on your right shoulder. Squeeze….that’s me hugging you. So sorry for all that you and Dave have been through. I don’t know how much one person can take either. Know that we care about you and hold you close in our hearts. Blessings, Susan


    Oh Beth,

    I too am sorry to hear things are not going well, but if anyone can beat this Dave can. He has done it before and hopefully will do it again. Stay strong Beth and keep smiling through those tears. More positive thoughts coming your way.

    Love & Hugs,


    Dear Beth,

    I am sorry to hear this latest news of Dave. He is such a fighter and the both of you have been through so much here. I know that it is hard to do sometimes, but please try and stay strong. We are all here for you always. Loads of positive thoughts coming yours and Dave’s way.

    My best wishes to you and Dave,



    Dear Beth,
    Much of this news breaks my heart for you and your amazing family. But I’m not giving up on my end. I’ll continue to pray that the docs are wrong about the liver functions. Dave was essentially given up on once and proved the experts wrong. Dave is indeed a strong individual but I’m sure much of his strength comes from you and his family. May God grant all of you strength to fight this evil disease as long as you are supposed to.

    Grace and Peace over the Graff home,


    I am so sorry to here of the latest news. I have been following your posts on his Caring Bridge page. Like others have said maybe Doc is wrong, if not, there are still miracles that happen everyday. You are so strong. Keep the faith and know that there are many of us that are lifting you both up in prayer. Take care and God Bless you both,



    “Tears through our smiles”…that could be our theme song…you are so true there!! I love you bunches!!!


    Dear Beth, what an awful weekend and like Margaret says, doc COULD be wrong. Dave has really been through the mill and it reminds me of Teddy. Your attitudes are wonderful and we get so used to tears through our smiles, yes?
    Its like we always say we try to remain realistically optimistic. Love each other lots while being brave and strong!


    Thanks Margaret!!! I love your pep talk!!! Yaaay!!! got me fired up!!! LOL



    Go Dave Go! He sounds like a trouper, I am so glad that you got him to the hospital & that they were able to help him!

    I’m hoping also that the doc that said his liver is failing is WRONG. Stranger things have happened!

    Go with God and tell Dave to KEEP KICKIN’ THAT cancer!





    He was in St. Louis, but now he is in Cape Girardeu, MO at Landmark Hospital there. It is across from St. Frances Hospital, and the Doctors come there to see the patients. Landmark is very small, and is a 30 bed facility. He was sent there to be weined from the trach. Which he is..thank heavens, but is also having wound care there, since they had to open his wound from his surgery in November. I really like them, and Dave is comfortable there.

    Thanks for your kind words…HUGS


    Dear Beth, it is amazing to me what Dave has gone through in his fight. He is a very brave man. My prayers as always are with you and Maycie and Dave in this ordeal. It must be so hard to be apart from him.

    When you say Cape do you mean Cape Girardeau? Are you in St Louis or in Cape? I’m not familiar with that area.


    On Thursday, I got a message from Doctor Hawkins telling me that I should call him at home. This was a first, having his personal home number, and I knew that it could not be good. We talked for about 45 minutes, and he shared with me his thoughts on the latest with Dave. He tells me..”Beth, I would love to bring Dave back to Barnes, and “fix” him, but there is nothing else that I can do.” He goes over with me, pretty much what we have been living for the last 2 years, and all the damage that his liver has been through. He tells me that Dave needs a new liver, but is not able to get one. He tells me that because of his cancer, he is not qualified to get a liver transplant. He says that his liver is failing him. This was the hardest thing for me to process…knowing that there was something that Dave needed to survive, and I could not get it for him. It was just heart wrenching for me. Doc tells me that Dave is the toughest man that he knows, and has survived what most men couldn’t. Doc tells me about what decisions that I need to think about, and thoughts that I need to share with Dave. I am just not sure that he is ready for that conversation….just yet.

    He looked very yellow and weak to me this weekend. His billi level was an 8.9, and there was talk on Saturday that his billiary drain was not working, and the plan was to take him to St. Frances in Cape on Sunday morning at 10:00 am to check it out.

    Sunday morning at 10:00, Dave was taken over in the ambulance, and was done about 2. The nurse that went with him to the procedure and was involved in everything, took me in his room, and showed me what was done. She tells me that the Doctor did a CT scan, and that his biliary drain seems fine. The fluid that is not draining in the external bag, is draining normally internally. That sounded good. Then she tells me that they went to draw fluid off his lung, and removed 4 liters!! She tells me that it came out so fast that they needed to put in a chest tube. I was shocked at this. I was reaching behind me for a chair, as I felt like I was going fall over on this one. Just could not believe that. THEN she tells me that he had a large abscess on his abdomen that needed to be drained, so they put a drain in his side to drain that. He was pretty much out of it at this point, and when he was alert, he was asking for pain meds. I lost it…I broke down..I felt so sorry for Dave….it is just one thing after another.

    By evening, he was doing better, and was even asking for coffee! That suprised me. He told me that it seemed easier for him to breath. I am not sure how long these drains will be in, but the plan is for him to go back to St. Frances on Friday to have the drains checked out, and possibly removed.

    How much more can one guy take??? This seems to be the question we are all asking these days…just so unreal at times.

    He called me this morning…telling me how much he missed me, and was sorry he didn’t get to talk to me much this weekend. I ask how he was feeling, and he tells me better..that breathing is much easier.

    Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers sent my way..

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