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    Thanks everyone for the advise and valuable information. It’s good to know what we might expect.

    My prayers and blessings go out to all of you.



    Hi Lola, in agreement with KrisV as so much depends on a bunch of different factors . I had a long resection in January. I am also 35. I had a family member with me at my house for almost 2 weeks. It was very helpful for me to have someone here at all times eventhough there were times where it felt like it was not needed. I had comfort in knowing they were here and they helped me with anything from prepping to taking a shower to changing my drain to taking my kids to school (as I was not able to drive for 6 weeks). Please keep us posted on your mom’s surgery and I wish her the best. Blessings.


    Lola, I am about a week away from turning 62 and am now 6 weeks out from surgery as of today. I had a relatively short operation…..2 hours in preop, 4 hours in actual surgery and 3 hours in recovery, with them watching for complications before taking me back to my room at 10:30 at night. As early as the next morning, my husband remarked how much better I looked already. I was in the hospital from admittance at 11 a.m. on Friday to mid morning on Monday and then told I HAD to leave. :) We could have stayed over at a hotel for another day, and I think it would have been a good idea….but the weather was closing in with another winter storm, so we hit the roads, (literally and figuratively….the snow and ice packed roads made the ride really awful.

    I have diabetes and am “obese” (hate that word) and have asthma, and just had barely recovered from a bad case of pneumonia when I had surgery. It depends a lot on how lengthy the surgery will be….and how difficult…how much they have to cut away and how much they have to manipulate organs and bump against the diaphragm as to how much pain and recovery there will be. My surgeon took out my 5+ cm tumor with two liver segments on the left node laparoscopally, but because of my size, they had to make an extra vertical incision about 3 inches long to be able to triangulate the scopes for the laparoscopy. That made a total of 5 hole type incisions and one vertical, longer type. I had a lot of shoulder pain immediately after waking up and for about 12 hours after due to the air they blew into my laparoscopic incision migrating to my shoulder. That has to absorb…or whatever it does to go away. Then, probably the thing that bothered me the most…and for a week after I was home, was pain in the right , lower diaphragm. It mainly made it difficult to take a regular breath, let alone a deep one. It suddenly went away and I felt a LOT better after that. If your mom has an “open” surgery as opposed to the laparoscopy version, like I had, then recovery “could” be slower or take longer.

    Julie T.


    Lola –
    A lot of it depends on how much of a surgery they are doing, how long it will be and any other problems your mother might have ie, diabetes, heart disease, etc. My husband is only 50 but his surgery was 14 hours long and 12 days in the hospital…..extreme by anyone’s standard but I was overwhelmed when he came home and I am a nurse. I would suggest that you maybe think about visiting nurses for at least a couple of weeks post-op just to help you dad out. Her insurance should cover it at 100% especially if she has Medicare. It just helps to have that second or third or fourth set of eyes.
    Some people will fly through surgery and others will struggle. Definitely assess how things go but I would always opt for help if available.



    My mom is having a liver resection April 17th. What shape should I expect her to be in after the surgery? She’s 70 yrs old.

    Did anyone have to get nurses, etc. to care for their loved ones after the surgery?

    Thank you,

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