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    Hi everyone,
    Believe me, acupuncture is NOT painful. I’m the world’s biggest wimp when it comes to getting stuck! The needles are super, super thin, (nothing like a hypodermic) and they don’t go in very far (at least not in the system that this practitioner uses.) They feel like mosquito bites when they go in.

    Energy healing is a system where one person uses his or her energy field to correct the energy flows in another person. It’s related to your chakras (in traditional Indian medicine) or your chi (in Chinese medicine) or “laying on of hands” (in some religions) and it’s very soothing and strengthening.

    One form of it is called “Healing Touch”, which you can google (I’m sorry I can’t give you a link right now but my Internet connection is barely working this morning.)

    And as for exercise, Ron, I think it’s whatever YOU can do to challenge yourself. After my surgery, my first “exercise” program consisted of walking down to the end of my porch and back, twice a day, which was enough to wear me out completely. I think anything that pushes your limits just a little bit helps.

    Thank you all so much for your encouragement! Reading your experiences and comments here over the last few months has given me a tremendous boost. My oncologist has been not very encouraging at all, and it’s done me all the good in the world to see that there are other people who have not just given up and “gotten their affairs in order.” Blessings to you all!



    Hi Kristin. I agree with Peter, this is a great post with plenty for us all to think about. What is energy healing? I can’t recall ever hearing the expression. The exercise is good, but I would break out in a sweat just thinking about running for an hour. I do enjoy walking though. I could certainly manage the chocolate!



    Peter, Thanks for reminding me. I need to get a swim suit. Donated my other ones as they were to big. Actually, When I read your post I was thinking about you mimmicking a porcipine(sp) in vermont. Ha!


    Great post Kristin. Thank you!

    Jeff, If you tried acupuncture, and asked nicely, they might let you keep the needles in while you’re hanging out on the beach in your new swim suit.



    Hi Kristin, Just wanted to say good for you! I love your positive attitude. I could’nt agree with you more about being centered and taking the whole person approach. I do admit I have not tried acupuncture I guess because I get stuck so much already Ha! Certainly sounds worth trying if your getting that kind of relief. Kristin, I’m glad things are remaining stable. Keep up the great work!
    Bless Ya!
    Jeff G.


    As I mentioned in my post in the Introductions section, I had surgery for a Klatskin tumor four years ago, and an unsuccessful surgery for a recurrence in 2006, but I

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