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    I believe you are talking about mitomycin as one of the chemo agents John is receiving, in addition to the Xeloda. As Jeff had mentioned, the clinical trials are quite strict in their criteria thus eliminating many patients for varied reasons however, I would always check under clinicaltrials.gov in order to assure myself that I am not missing anything which could possibly be another step in a future treatment plan. Also, John’s oncologist might very well have another agent in mind for whenever it may be needed.
    As for the present, it is wonderful to know that John has been able to beat the infection, and is feeling well.
    I am following Kris in wanting you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing for the best.


    Charlene … I have often thought about the same thing. To tell you the truth I’m still struggling for an answer. I have and continue to look at what trials are open and what the results are. Then I look at disqualifiers as if your health is to bad you out of the picture with some trials and then if you have had certain previous drugs there is a disqualifier or you have to be off for a certain period. Then you can always look at other drugs untested and request compassionate usage or I guess you could call it your own trial. Then there is the question of deciding not to do anymore chemo at all and just do pallative pain control. I know like Kris said I don’t have the answer either. It is such a personal and individual choice. I guess right now I’m keeping my eye open for encouraging trials and major break throughs as I don’t think my body is going to handle much more of the harsh chemicals. I may stop and go as long as possible and then try again. I guess I would base that on my overall health and how I’m functioning and how much pain meds I have to take. I refuse to live as a zombie full of narcotics. Wish I had a clear cut answer for you and myself but I just don’t think it is out there yet. I think it boils down to when I think or feel I’ve had enough and loose hope for a cure. I’m not at that point yet. Miotycin(sp) I have not tried yet.
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    I dont know what the answer is Charlene, but I do know you will make the right one for you and John and whatever you decide it is your decision as a family and you must never feel guilt over it.

    Thinking of you and John.


    I’m wondering when you should look into clinical trials? Is it when all the other options are gone or while you’re still relatively healthy?

    John is on miotyacin (sp) every 28 days and Xeloda daily for 2 weeks.
    I don’t know if I should look for trials now or wait.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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