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    I’m glad you’re home, Kristin. It was good to “meet” Kevin earlier – I look forward to the CC Calendar!! :D




    Glad to hear from you and that you are back home. What a time you have had of it. Clean up, rest up and get your strength back. Glad to know you are home and hopefully things will improve from here on. Many of us have already welcomed Kevin and thanked him for updating us. Hopefully he will continue to come back from time to time.

    Love & Hugs,


    Kristin….so glad to hear from you and to know that you are back at home. Clean hair and some much needed rest will put life in some sort of order again. Thanks for prodding Kevin in posting something, hopefully will continue on.
    Best wishes,


    Hi Kristen,

    Thats quite a rough few months that you have had there to say the least! I am happy to hear that you are home now and I hope that you enjoy your shower tomorrow!

    My best wishes to you and Kevin,



    Welcome home, Kristin! Kevin did a wonderful job for you and now we got to know, KevinKY. Enjoy your clean-up, I heard you clean up well! Just so glad to hear you are home again.


    My oh my what an “exciting” month you have had. Glad you are back home though. I know that the thrill of being home is the best medicine. Dont worry to much about what is next, your body needs time to heal. Besides your doctor should be worrying instead of you…that is why we pay them the big bucks.

    I had many people scratch their heads over me. I actually had an ultrasound guy give up and get his supervisor since nothing was in the right place anymore.

    Enjoy your clean hair and own pillow next to your sweet Kevin. Please let us know how it goes.



    Sorry that I haven’t been around here much for a while. I posted that my dr. thought I had hepatitis, and all my scans kept coming up unchanged, but I just kept getting sicker and sicker and sicker for two months. Finally they found that the one tumor had grown just enough to squash my bile duct against my liver, blocking it off.

    The highlights of the last two weeks:
    *couldn’t put a stent in because my plumbing has been so thoroughly rearranged in surgery
    *had a PTC and they put in an exterior drain, which screwed up
    *a night in our small-town hospital ER, where the docs all scratched their heads, said they’d never seen anything like it, and sent me home
    *back to the doc who put in the drain, who discovered that somehow it had started draining internally and was working great (?!)
    *drain moved somehow, got infected, back to the doc who yanked it out (believe me, I felt every inch of it!!) and replaced it with a bigger one
    *bad reaction to a drug during the replacement procedure, and I landed in the hospital for 4 days. At least now the drain seems to be working right and I’m not quite so day-glo yellow.

    I got home from the hospital this morning, and at this point, my only ambition in life is to take a shower tomorrow and wash my hair for the first time in 3 weeks!! (it’s waist-length and I can’t wash it in the sink.) I’m not even going to think about “what next” until I’ve got some of my strength back.

    I’ve missed you all, and have logged on to keep up with your news as often as I could, even though I didn’t write back. Hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your family!

    Take care–


    PS Write and say hi to my husband if you have a minute– KevinKY. I finally got him to introduce himself here!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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