Which is the Best doctor for colangicarcinoma surgery in new York?

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    I just saw your post. My mother was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma a week before mother’s day. 3 weeks ago she had surgery to remove the tumor as well as part of her liver. The Dr.’s name is Dr. Myron Schwartz with Mt. Sainai in the city. He was absolutely amazing. She is NED (no evidence of disease) now thanks to him and his partner. Dr. Fong was also one of the DR’s recommended. They both have excellent backgrounds. Good luck! My thoughts are with you!!! –Danielle


    I agree and possibly have answered your previous posting also. Based on what I have learned Dr. Fong is one of the top specialists in his field. You will be in good hands.
    All my best wishes,


    I saw your other post on this topic. Both Dr. Emond and Dr. Fong are very experienced with CC. I was treated at Columbia Presbyterian with surgery (resection) by Dr. T. Kato, a brilliant surgeon, who works with Dr. Emond. I don’t have any direct experience with Dr. Fong, but know of him by reputation. They do many liver transplants at Columbia and a lot of other liver/billiary surgeries as well. Good luck. It would be hard to select two better surgeons to consult with.


    Does anyone know who would be the best doctor to choose for colangicarcinoma surgery. This is for my mother who was diagnosed about 2 weeks back. She has a blockage found in the right lobe and needs to be operated on the earliest to prevent any spread.

    Any advice will be very helpful. We are from India and are in new york only for her treatment.

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