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    Dear Meg, a very informative post and you are right on. One has to weigh all the different sides and I think the question to chemo or not is personal. Again, I go back to Teddy’s ONC on giving him HIS opinion when Teddy asked if Teddy were his Father what would he tell his Father to do. Not many Doctors will do that. Wishing the best for your Mother.


    My mother did 4 rounds of gem/ox- liver mass showed stable.
    It had already spread to spine and skull.

    She opted for no more chemo as it completely debilitated her. It was palliatative- not curable.
    She is 65yo
    This was Oct 21- her last treatment. She had a great Nov and Dec.

    Today we see her onc. Her skull mets has officially ruined her January and shes been practically bedridden with head and neck pain all month. Also suffering terrible sinusitus shown on CT scan earlier this month.

    Her bloodwork over the last few checkups has been great.

    Radiation for her bone mets is in our future. The skull base tumor is presenting lytic changes of her foramen magnum. Today we will review her MRI from last week to get all the details.

    Stopping or refusing treatment is very personal- there is no right or wrong. If there is a chance for success- explore the options so you can say you tried- is my offering. But in the end, for many quality over rules quantity.


    Hi, positivity. All I can tell you about is a refusal Teddy gave for chemo. But he was 78 and was told he had about 5 months left after fighting the good fight for 5 years. The ONC offered him palliative chemo and Teddy asked him how much time it would buy him and the ONC said, maybe a month. Then T asked him , “what would you tell me to do if I was your Father?”. The ONC said, “I would not let him do it!”. Decision made and I believe T made the right decision.


    Have you had a treatment plan offered by an oncologist, but decided not to do it? Perhaps you had a few options from different doctors and you took one over another. Just curious how the decision was made to seek a particular treatment over another. Or maybe you decided on a clinical trial or no treatment at all, until later.

    Thank you for everyone posting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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