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    deadlift….you have a great oncologist on your side. Although, my husband tried his best with the intake of fluid, but every three days we had to take him to the hospital for hydration. Ultimately we choose TPN, which in turn satifsfied his nutritional need as well as solved the hydration issues.



    Well chemo is a no go for the wife. I am not surprised but uncertainty leads to hope and reality is different than suspicion.

    She’s currently now with a new oncologist who is in contact with her Sloan doctors. She was admitted locally to a hospital (1 mile away) for fluids and electrolytes. The doctor doesn’t like palliative care as he feels he can do a better job of addressing and noticing issues that crop up. He has no issues admitting her if she needs fluids or a tpn or anything.

    Will see what plan we decide on hopefully today , assuming she gets discharged today.

    Now the rolling visiting of house guests will start as people want to see her. Thanks for all the support here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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