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    Many thanks Willow and moderator.


    Welcome Peter, and sorry you have to be here. Percy gave a great explanation of Xeloda. My sister has intrahepatic cc and it was the second chemo she tried. Only Mild side effects. She took it for about 5 months as it only helped slow growth for a sfew months and then didn’t any more. She also had yttrium 90 radioembolozation of liver mets which has kept them at bay a long time but for the other mets we rely on chemo.
    Like Percy said, really varies person to person. They discovered intrahepatic, perhilar (klatskin), and extrahepatic (distal) cholangiocarcinoma a are distinct diseases at the molecular level. Also, some people have certain mutations that others don’t so some drugs will work better than others, also, the cc can mutate along the way, and be more responsive to a drug in one tissue of the body than another. That all being said, my sister has continued to try different chemos and is looking at a clinical trial for immunotherapy agent. This requires genomic testing of biopsy tumor tissue to see if it has a specific biomarker. Ask your doctor about genomic testing of your tumor sample to help identify potential investigational targeted therapies.


    Hi, Peter,
    it is the oral form of 5FU,on par in effectiveness(20-23%) with gemcitabline for cholangiocarcinoma(CCA) with or without cisplatin combination. it is somehow ,for unknown reasons, works better in extrahepatic CCA than intrahepatic CCA.
    side effects are minimum.
    depends on what your doctor thinks the dose can be higher(ie: 1500-2000mg twice a day[2weeks on and one week off] or 1000mg twice a day 5days on,2days off).
    Xeloda ,if it works, can reduce the size of the CCA or slow the growth of the tumor to buy time and have some quality of life . I am in stage 4 with lymph mets, I am on 1gm Xeloda twice a day to slow the growth of the CCA.it will buy me some quality time if it works. I have been on Xeloda for 3 months now.what stage you are on? any mets to other organs or lymph nodes.

    if interest, below is a general view about chemotherapy.


    God bless.


    Hi this is my first post. I have cholangiocarcinoma and my scan results of last week are bad. The Dr. has taken me off chemo and suggested I go on Xeloda (Capecitabine). I wonder if anyone has experience with this drug in terms of efficacy and whether it has been effective in reducing tumour size and the spread of tumours. Any advice appreciated.
    Sorry if this is double-posted – I’m a newcomer to this site.

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