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    I got great news on todays ct scan!!!! Both my surgeon and oncologist said the scan looks great, they see nothing abnormal. Although it appears my liver shrunk? Actually it has atrophied since surgery. I guess that is normal. I am so releived. I wish I did not get myself so riled up before the scans. Jean, you are so right that this time is different than the beginning of this journey with cc…2 yrs post surgery indeed is different I will try to tell myself that again next time. I will always have some anxiety but I need try to find a way through it so I can begin to enjoy this second chance I have been given. I wish all our friends here many second chances and thank God for my good news and all the well wishes from all of you. Thanks again Darla for the kind words! It all means so much to me. Kris… I hope you are feeling well never give up hope.. you are such an inspiration!! May God Bless everyone touched by cc. deb

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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