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    Hi Allison,

    I get that the passing of time is needed in certain cases for some hospitals to come up with a treatment plan. But, if so, you can use that time, which is critical, more productively to get an important second opinion (even remotely) at a reasonable cost. As pointed out by this fabulous website, CC presents itself in many different forms. Therefore, by nature, it makes sense to seek out other opinions.

    As Billy mentioned Columbia University as a possibility above, I would second that since Dr. Emond and Dr. Kato and the multi-disciplinary team there saved my life. If not them, choose a hospital with a multi-disciplinary team, especially additional Transplantation expertise, because that may be needed if there is vascular obstruction like I had.

    Wishing you the best,

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    “Are we crazy to be moving so fast towards surgery given everything they have discovered so far?”
    “Did placing the stent right over the tumor and/or taking spy bites to biopsy spread the cancer cells further?  This did relieve the jaundice though.”

    Hi Spokane,
    During my initial diagnosis process, I developed pancreatitis after a local doctor (NOT part of my surgical team) installed a stent and performed an ERCP. It was very painful, but I got over it in a few days. Your husband’s young age should aid in bouncing back quickly. Fortunately, the cancer cells for me appears to have not spread as the local doctor “was careful not to try to do too much”.

    I had liver resection surgery about a month later and I’m glad I did while there was a window of opportunity.

    I hope this provides some help and comfort.

    Wishing you the best,

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    Thanks Lainy for your warm welcome and response. And thank you and the other moderators, members, and contributors to making this website the absolute best source of cc information on the planet!

    I am also greatly appreciative of my surgeon and his team at Columbia Presbyterian.

    It is still a little early in the game for me, but I currently feel that I have received a second chance on life… for as long as it takes me. I want to use some of that time to try to help others that are being impacted by cc.


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    Congrats Pat on ten years!

    How could this post make it to the bottom of page one?? : )

    When there is so much negative statistical info reported on cc, it is GREAT to hear about your success!

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    Way to go Derin!!

    And…Metallica will be touring in 2017!

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    I had a successful liver resection in April, 2015 by Dr. Jean Emond at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. Dr. Emond and multi-disciplinary team utilized some cutting-edge surgical techniques, while other leading doctors did not consider me a surgical candidate.

    Afterwards, I had adjuvant chemotherapy with Dr. Stephen Grabelsky at Lynn Cancer Institute in Boca Raton near where I live. Dr. Grabelsky, the nurses, and my foot masseuse(!) helped me through the process.

    I couldn’t be any happier with my difficult choice for treatment options and care during those life- threatening months.

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