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    Hi you guys

    I live in Spain where you are allowed to smoke marijuana and keep it at home for personal use… You can even grew your own plants as long as the neighbors are ok with it! There are smokers associations. However , doctors cannot prescribe you it for health reasons.I think we all know about  the marijuana legal grey areas.

    I don’t smoke marijuana BUT
    I use Rick Simpson  oil  cope with the side effects sometimes. It does really help with that.

    I don’t know whether it actually shrinks tumours or not but it certainly could  do .
    Ideally Id like to know from someone if they feel RSO has shrunk  their tumours.

    Thank you







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    Hello to everyone

    Thanks so much for a quick response and it is great to hear that my general health situation will be monitored perhaps even more when I’m under trials.
    Feeling nervy and apprehensive about treatment and the illness is normal but I ask these questions because although we are very unfortunate to have this disease , I like to keep my nerves under control so I can enjoy my life as much as I can,


    Thanks so much again.

    THIS SITE IS AMAZING ! Great to know you all.


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    Me again. I live in Spain and I’m very fortunate that the Spanish Health Service is well known to be excellent .So I have faith in the  medics here. They are sending me to a top cancer hospital in Barcelona for trails soon.

    I hope you are having a reasonable week Hannah.




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    Thanks. I am now going to partake in trials. All that info is very useful. And I’m prepared to travel.

    Sooo grateful to be on this site with you all.

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    So sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis and that it is unoperable.
    I am in the same boat. I was diagnosed 7 months ago: Such a shock because I’m quite sporty.

    It took me 3/4 months just to process the emotions. Disbelief,non acceptance, anger, anxiety, guilt, blame, self blame, confusion, relationship changes etc. understanding the hospital / treatment process……Now although I obviously DO NOT like it. I am dealing with it better in so far as one can.

    Early on it was stressed to me by medics, psychologists, fellow sufferers that part of the key is to be as calm as possible at all times. I was like . What.? How? Are you crazy?This is because the body apparently accepts the drugs etc better if it is in a calm state. Makes sense.

    Obviously problems crop up because that’s life.But now I accept no negativity in my life / people. I live for today and try to enjoy moment.

    My first chemo didn’t work . I suspect maybe partly because my head was a mess but now that I am calmer I am getting better results. I think it helps anyway. I focus on what’s important : my husband, dog and proper friends.
    This doesn’t mean I don’t have bad days ( that’s impossible) or never feel sad and scared but I try to lead as normal life as I can even though there are a fair number of things I can’t do anymore.

    I hope your husband takes a positive proactive attitude although it’s not easy.


    All the best H


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    Hello there

    All your posts are of interest to me.
    And I would like to say, thanks for you all being there.

    I recently had gem / cis chemo for 3 months and being new to discovering I had Advanced localized intrahepatic CC , I was absolutely horrified to find out that not only did this type of chemo not work, but the tumours had grown significantly during  the treatment.
    er Im trying not to blame myself as I understand from everyone who know anything about cancer that you can make the tumours grow if a you are angry , anxious etc. That also was frightening for me because  Inhad to have therapy before for alcoholism and eating disorders when I was younger and I have a nervous type of personality All that has stopped now . Not a particularly stable person.As you know; it does take time to adjust to the illness and all the lifestyle relationship changes that go with it. And with that goes anger, anxiety and self doubt / blame  in my case .  Very up and down time. I ve decided to take anti depressants in an effort to stay calmer.

    Has any one ever had tumours grow that then were able at some time to be successfully shrunk or do they generally stay at the same size.?

    All comments welcome.

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    I just love this site. So helpful!

    I am 60. I was diagnosed with intrahepatic cancer stage 4 beginning October and have just had chemo with cisplatin and Gem…..It didn’t work The tumours got bigger :I live in Spain which has a good public healthcare system . But I m a bit scared. I tried RSO oil for 4 months and I am now stopping because I m not sure if there is alcohol residue in it ,  and trying antidepressants as I  been told that tumours grow if you don’t maintain some sort of emotional stability all the time. I have always been a nervous person.  However I feel quite well physically . I ve survived 5 months so far with chemo So I am trying to hold on to that as a positive . I ve now chosen a good support network of friends , no negativity and hope to defy the odds.

    Please comment

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