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    rortmanns wrote:
    Hi Marion,

    You have captured the essence of how I feel with your post on chemotherapy in a way I havent been able. My partner chose an alternative path initially against the advice of 3 different oncologists, I begged her to try chemo as well. She was warned not to expect favourable outcomes after she deteriorates. Three months were spent on an alternative program, one that promised cure, in that time she wasted away and eventually the ascites started, then they promised they could fix that as well.

    We had a scan at that time and it should greater soft tissue and then we sought out chemo. We have only had 5 doses and I’m not sure its doing any good. I feel I’ve pushed her down this road and while we have had positive results from the change in nutritionist at the same hospital I just dont think the chemo is making a lot of difference although time will tell.

    I am so scared that I have got her into a treatment that may cause her some harm.

    I find myself dwelling on not pushing her when she was still so healthy. Originally the oncologists were confident that they could give her 2 yrs and up to 5. Now they are saying ‘we’ll continue if you want but you need to decide if you feel its helping, its rational not to have it’.

    I feel I have really let her down.

    I am new to this board so I am not familiar with your circumstances but really felt that I needed to respond to your post. You must not feel you have let her down. After I had a resection I wanted to take chemo for 3-6 months after. This was based on old protocols that I had learned 25 years ago when I did Oncology nursing. My Dr said I could if I wanted but he didnt recommend it based on the type of cancer. I was unable to tolerate the first month of chemo after surgery. My blood counts tanked after the first dose and barely came back. White count still isn’t normal. I talked to another Oncologist that I had seen before and he thought I needed the chemo. Said they could adjust dosage etc. I was finally starting to feel better after being off chemo and recuperating from 65% liver resection and really was uncertain what to do. I want to beat this, so what do I do. I ended up seeking a third opinion. I figured 2 out of 3. Well, the third opinion was to not do chemo. My chiropracter/accupuncturist also felt that I was better off trying to boost my immune system rather than go back on chemo, especially when I had already had 7+ months of it. My point to you is that sometimes even the Doctors have different suggestions so how can you blame yourself? She made the decision. Maybe if she would have started chemo earlier she would have had problems with it and been worse off. None of us have all the answers. We can only do our best with the information we have at the time. The main thing is that you are there for her. You are with her during these tough times and want what is best for her. Hindsight is 20/20 and what ifs don’t change anything. With this disease I dont think there is a right or wrong answer. What is the right answer for one might be wrong for someone else. She is blessed to have someone that cares as much as you do and I am sure she feels that way also. You’ll both be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Walk wrote:
    Jamie, good for you! What types of supplements did you take?


    When I first found out I had a tumor in my liver and abnormal liver functions the first thing I took was milk thistle. Kind of a funny story. I had a cat that was diagnosed with liver cancer a couple of years before. The vet thought she might have a couple of weeks to live but wanted to start her on milk thistle to help her liver. He’s a strong believer in homeopathy and Eastern medicine. Well, she ended up with us for almost a year. So when I found out I had a problem with my liver my husband called the vet and the vet found out the dosage for me. Husband picked up a bottle from him and I started taking it (from the vet)! Hey, I was willing to try anything. I now get milk thistle seeds from my chiropracter/accupuncturist. I chew 20 seeds a day. She feels that chewing the raw seeds is much better than the capsule form. I started getting accupuncture after my diagnosis to help with the pain and nausea. My son is a nutritionist and works for a nutrition/supplement company. He made me start on a product called Genesis. Biblically based ingredients and scientifically based. It has resveratrol/ellagic acid and other stuff I don’t remember. He had me drinking about 8 oz a day to start. I now take 4 oz day. Normal dose is 1-2oz day. The chiro started me on Essiac tea with Echinacea and Cleavers. Cleavers helps the lymph system. Echinacea helps the immune system. After I started chemo she started me on some products for GI system to help with the side effects of chemo. Also a vitamin d supplement and digestive enzymes and an omega supplement I get from my son. After my liver functions improved I started on a quarter dose of a multivitamin. Now I’m up to a full dose. She didnt want to stress the liver. I also took additional echinacea drops when my counts dropped. She gave me HV Chelate when I was on chemo and additional immune boosters. Something called Thymex and Immuplex. My white count and platelet counts are still a little low so I still take these. I also drank Kefir to help GI system especially when on chemo and take probiotics. I’m trying to think if there was anything else. I can’t think of any but if I do I’ll post it. One thing you need to know is I was not a health nut or into nutrition when I got sick. I had worked as a Registered Nurse before so was much more in tune with typical Western medicine. I had worked with Oncology patients. I had NEVER even considered accupuncture or even chiropractic care for myself, although I have a horse that has had both from our above mentioned vet :) Also, I had lost 20 lbs before and right after diagnosis. I gained it all back over the next 7 months, while I was on chemo. I would have been happy with only 10 pounds but I’ve decided to not complain about such things as an extra 10 lbs or the big “frown” scar on my abdomen. I just tell people I was a Magician’s assistant and he had an “oops” when he tried to cut me in half. My surgeon really liked that story :) Anyway, hope this answers your question. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

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    Lisa wrote:
    Hi Jamie,
    What happened to the metastasis to your lymph nodes? Was chemo able to cure or were they surgically removed? BTW – congrats on clean scans! that is what we hope and wish for.

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you. Each scan has been a time of great relief and thankfulness. The lymph nodes didnt show any activity on the Pet scan I had before surgery. I don’t think that my surgeon would have agreed to do the surgery if they were still “lighting up” on the Pet scan. I do not know for sure what helped them, if it was the chemo, alternative stuff I did/do, the power of prayer and divine intervention, or all of the above. Having them surgically removed was never offered as an option to me. Maybe because they were in my chest, around the heart and a couple in the neck they couldn’t be removed? Or maybe because the first surgeon just felt I was a hopeless case. Based on what the Doctors have always said I do worry that it’s still floating around in my lymph system but I just continue doing what I’ve been doing to try and beat this monster. I keep tellling myself that it can be beat and I will prove them wrong!

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