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    I met three doctors. the Doctor A said, that this is stage II border or early stage III. He suggested to do a surgery at the earliest.

    Doctor B and Doctor C from another Hospital. Doctor B said nothing to worry, this could also be IgG4 (which has very similar behavior as CC) and we could easily delay the surgery by couple of weeks since my mom is asymptomatic. Started with Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) but as they proceeded with EUS, they realized the tumor is inside the bile duct, so they didnt do any biospy. But there were incidental findings along the esophagus. They had incidental finding ‘irregular mucosa’. There were also inflammation along the colon.

    In the PET scan, conducted 5 days prior, we didnt notice anything in the esophagus and colon.  Doctor C, senior doctor to Doctor B, mentioned also the same that we can wait for 2 weeks and get the surgery done, but this looks like close case of Stage III. He mentioned there is a risk of 5% towards death. He gave us 2 options.

    Surgery – Feb 21

    Surgery – Feb 26

    Question – we feel we should opt for Feb 26, given that my mom is very weak after all the needs of scans/tests and this is a major surgery, needing 45% removal of liver. My mom has some permanent damage to lungs from 35 years back and  she is also asthmatic. Given, she is fragile a little rest before the major surgery might help her. What do you all feel? Also, we need to arrange for 6 people with donation of 450 ml blood per person for the surgery.

    Question – is there a definite way to tell if the tumor is malignant or benign. My mom lost weight and appetite. Other symptoms are missing. Bilirubin is fine and blood test are fine

    Question – How many doctors consultation is considered good?


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    Thanks for your support, Aniket and Mary. Will do!

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    Revive again.

    I am looking for advice on selecting between AIMS in Kerala or Lilavati in Mumbai.

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