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    Thanks for sharing that with me Caroline. Bless your heart, I’m sorry you have had to go through this………..sorry for all of you who have been through it.
    I’m glad you told me about the fluid build up stuff……..handy to know, I’ll know to watch out for that one. I wonder if it’s common.
    Anyway, I really apprecaite having found this site, it helps me more than anything!!
    Best of luck with everything, I hope that if you have to have chemo, it will work for you! XX

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    Thanks Caroline!
    I do hope so!!
    As for the best surgeon……I can but hope. He is supposedly one of Greeces best….I bloody well hope so!!!

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    Thanks for the info Evan. Phew, that all sounds rather grim.
    I have found out that the Docs have idntified it as a Type 1 tumour, which I believe is “good news” as far as Klatskin tumours go. I’ve got to do some more research on that I guess.
    Sigh. Just got home today. My Brother flew over from NZ to be with her….the op should have happened by now, and the latest….it’s not going to happen till the 30th. I know I shouldn’t moan, but my Brother and I have busy lives, and it feels like we have just taken time out at the wrong time. It was supposed to happen soon after I arrived you know? Sigh. I’ll have to return for the 30th, but I’m just worried about recovery time, I really can’t afford to be out there more than a month, what with my kids and work and all that stuff. Moan moan whinge whine!!
    Oh well, thanks for reading my rant!!
    Having said all that, I am glad to have seen her, it certainly helped calm me down alot, and I know she appreciated having me there. Not like it’s her fault that the schedule has gone so pear shaped!!

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    Thanks again Jules for the info!! As you will have read in my other post, I’m here now….returning home tomorrow.
    OK, so post op your Dad had a hard time… that pain wise? I guess thats what you mean! Lord knows what will be available for her, I’ll try to find out before I leave….all in the lap of the Greek Gods so to speak!!
    Normally Mum is very fit and healthy, never has much wrong with her, so I’m hoping she’ll recover OK.
    How long was your Dad actually in hospital? What I am wondering about is how soon she will be likely to return home to Kefallonia, which is where she lives, and what kind of stuff is likely to be difficult for her. I intend to return and help her out while she recuperates, shopping for her and that kind of stuff. Any thoughts/advice? She normally lives in a caravan…..but will take a small studio flat till she’s back to normal!
    I live in Worthing by the way!!

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    Cheers for the reply Jules!!
    Well, this morning Mum and I were told it is a type 1 tumour, whatever that means exactly….I seem to remember reading that it is the better to have…..if you’re going to have one of these things!! So I’ll be off to trawl the net for more info shortly!!
    I believe the guy is one of the best in Greece, and it is his field, so fingers crossed! The jaundice is still getting lower, and they hope to operate later this week. I return to UK tomorrow….I am married with 2 kids (5&7), so it will be nice to be home for a short time. My Brother arrived Saturday from NZ, and will be here for the next couple of weeks, and then I will return!!

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