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    Thanks to everyone for the comments. Here is an update.

    I FEEL great, even though my ca 19-9 is still climbing. Isn’t that wierd? I have many tumors now, but they are not in the liver or bile ducts, and they are concentrated in an area of my abdomen adjacent to the original sites. I feel like I have nothing wrong, and I spent this last weekend trimming palm trees in my front yard and working on the sprinkler system. My wife and I also cleaned our garage (partially). I’m 60 but I don’t feel like it yet!

    Thanks to Lainy for the information about Cyberknife. I did have a consult with Dr. Kresl, and because of the number of tumors he suggested IMRT, 5 days per week for 6 to 8 weeks. A cleanup with Cyberknife is possible. I have already had the scans and the marking, and I will go in this Friday for a final x-ray and then start the IMRT next Monday. It all happened very quickly since I already had a recent PET. I don’t know how chemo will fit into the treatment equation yet.

    I am also following the plan my Naturopath designed for me which includes a strict diet (mostly plant based, with organic poultry and fish only – I try not to eat anything from a box or a can), supplements, sauna 2x each week, filtered water, lots of green and white tea (EGCG and flavoniods), and exercise every day.

    Good thoughts and wishes to everyone.

    Regards, Larry

    in reply to: FDA URGENT WARNING 8 July,08 #20949

    Hi Jeff,

    I have personal experience with levaquin. I was given this drug for a urinary tract infection and I had many bad side effects including – raw skin (a burning sensation on my upper legs that lasted for more than 3 weeks), ringing in my ears, high blood pressure, flu-like feeling, irregular heartbeat, and problems sleeping. These effects finally resolved, but only after many weeks. For cancer patients I would suggest a different family of antibiotics. We have enough problems. The urologist I went to said “these drugs are our first line of defense”. Bull.

    Go to this website if you want a real education on these drugs.

    Larry S

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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