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    This is my first time here on the sight. My mother passed away 2 years ago 3 weeks to the day after being diagnosed with CC. While the shock was numbing as we were also dealing with our aunt, the only extended family we had for many many years, who had had been hospitalized for 7 weeks after a heart attack. The 2, sisters also, passed away 12 days apart. Our mother asked that we not tell our aunt of her illness but we knew she could sense what was going on. While the shock of Mom’s illness was numbing, we were blessed that she did not suffer. I might suggest a book that has been tremendous help to my siblings and I – “Hello from Heaven” by Bill and Judy Guggenheim. The book has given us great comfort. Our mother was a kind, gentle, loving woman who we miss dearly but because God keeps his promises, we are comforted by the knowledge that we will see her again. God Bless.

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