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    Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your experience. You say that you had your “external drain back in for another two weeks.” I take it then, that you didn’t have external drains the whole time you were healing like my husband has. He’s convinced that having the drains external makes it impossible to avoid infections, but he can’t convince the doctors to take them out. He is, by the way, a highly trained nurse and has been very careful keeping the drain sites clean and dry. He just came home from the hospital yesterday. This time he’s on Cipro and Zyvox for a month. The previous 2 times, they would only give him a week’s worth of antibiotic because they didn’t want to select out for resistant strains. I’m hoping that a month is time enough to heal so we can move on to the next step.

    Perhaps I used the wrong terminology, but I thought “positive” margins meant, “+”, “yes,” there is cancer there, not positive in the sense that is “good” – certainly not clear. He had 2 lymph nodes test + for cancer, and 2 negative, but as far as I know, no other tumors. I am a librarian (was a medical librarian at one point) so I searched MEDLINE for information on Cyberknife. I saw the articles relating to brain tumors, but of course, nothing about this disease. We have a Cyberknife facility very near here and appreciate the confirmation that it’s the way to go. Thanks again for the encouragement.


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