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    I HATE cancer.
    More to the point . . . I hate hearing about late stage diagnosis.
    Breaks my heart (and makes me angry) that so many patients suffer from lack of early testing.
    I’d love to see a national education program aimed at early detection by Doctors and potential patients.

    IMHO – testing would save a LOT of suffering and money opposed to $100,000s of treatment.
    Testing HAS to be less expensive than treatment.

    in reply to: The passing of my 60 y/o mother (Chicago) #99966

    Sooo sorry for your loss!

    As with most (not all) cancer, early detection can drastically improve odds of survival.

    in reply to: Staying positive #99961

    Your “itchy skin” comment caught me attention. I had itchy skin at least 6 months before the earliest signs of jaundice.

    Had I known itchy skin may be an early indication of cholangiocarcinoma I may have started treatment 6 months earlier than I did.

    “Staying positive“ = a good idea❗️

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)