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    This is my first post ever anywhere on anything so please excuse any mistakes I may make. My son was diagnosed with 80% gallbladder cancer and 10% biliary duct and 10% unknown. The official diagnosis is METASTACTIC BILIARY TRACT ADENOCARCINOMA. This nightmare started the first of May we did not find out it was even cancer until May 23. Stanford and UC Davis were not moving fast enough ON ANYTHING. I brought my son to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Phoenix Arizona. They sent a second biopsy off for molecular/DNA testing and that’s how we found out.

    He will be completing his first session of chemo next week.
    My questions:
    Do we belong on this site?
    We’ve been told surgery is not an option due to mestasized to liver ,fully involved, small tumor on pancreas and lymph nodes. Any hope?
    Cat scan performed yesterday was TERRIFIC all tumors in liver are responding and receding. He had had little to no side effects from chemo and Nuelasta shots. He has lost 35 lbs, mainly muscle. This is a 30 year old, health conscious, healthy lifestyle well muscled clean living Caucasian male. Any help or direction would be appreciated. By the way, we love CTCA So professional compassionate and tests are done immediately with immediate results! No days of stressful waiting. We arrived June 1 with my son in a wheelchair within two weeks he was walking after physical therapy and correct pain management.
    Sorry this is so long. But I’m a desperate heart broken Mom trying to save my son!!!

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)