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    Great Posts thanks for sharing them. I am too having a hard time remembering Mom before all of this. But then I started to look at all of the pictures for her memorial. At first it was so painful because she didn’t look like that at the end. All I could remember was the horrible confusion, and drawn face. But it has become easier these past few days. The woman in those pictures is truly who my mother was. Smiling, cooking, loving her family, now it is easier for me to envision that person. I still have the memories of those horrible last few days burned into my brain, but it’s easier to move past them now. Much love, and many prayers to you and your mom.

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    I am sorry to hear about your dad. I have read many of your posts, and our journey’s were closely mirrored. I love my Mom this week too, so I understand you feelings.

    Much love and prayers coming your way,

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    Thanks so much. I was going to speak with the Onc during our appt this week about something for her. As for CyberKnife, I have mentioned it, but everyone seems to feel that she is too weak to receive the treatments? Same thing for TheraSphere.

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    We just met with Dr Tom Chin at Florida Hospital in Orlando. He is the head of the Transplant team here. Mom’s Onco Dr Zachari is AMAZING and highly recomended him. While Mom is too weak right now to go through the surgery, he is very aggresive and I have faith that if I could get her to a point where she is strong enough he would be willing to try just about anything within reason. You should try and see him. Also you could try Moffit in Tampa, I have heard a lot of good for them.

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    Hey Elm,
    Oh do I hear you! But yes, always take the GOOD! Somedays it feels like you can’t find any, but there always is. Take a deep breath and come on here and read the Good News Section it always brings me out of my funk, because I know people are doing great things against this Cancer. Stay strong!

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    My Mom just had two units transfused a few weeks ago. Again a walk in the park. Don’t worry, in comparison to everything else, it’s a piece of cake.

    What an amazing Post! My mom was diagnosed in Nov and I can’t wait to tell her your story! Thank you for the smiles and inspiration!

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    Thanks so much everyone! My distraction, Harry Potter Books on CD! Yup works every time.

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    Thanks everyone for your responses. Sorry it took so long for me to get back on. Mom seems to be ok, yes I did speak to one of the PAs on call and she said that all should be fine. I personally think she might have cracked a rib because she has a lot of pain on that side. Since then we have been to our Dr office for chemo and blood work and everyone is under the same feeling that it will work itself out and be fine.

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    Did the Dr say the ascites is miligant? That will make a difference. If may just be fluid build up. Plus if they have any type of kidney failure it could also lead to ascites.

    We are starting to look at some of these options for Mom after our meetings with the surgeons. Can I ask you is there any kidney effects? My mom has stage 4 kidney disease so it is limiting our options.

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    Thanks everyone for the info. Met with the surgeon today. Not an option right now, we figured as much. Starting chemo on Monday but being as Mom’s kidneys are weak we are just moving forward with Gemzar to start. Hopefully, we can get the kidney’s back on track soon so we can really start some good therapys. Probably going to look into Mayo, and Moffit, possible MD Anderson for some varied opions, but Mom really loves her Doc right now and I worry about switching more from a mental point of view than anything else.

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    OK, so after reading this I am glad that they didn’t do the needle biopsy on Mom yesterday. But they had done a tissue biopsy on her earlier in the week during her calangiogram and drain placement. Are these types of biopsies a concern as well?

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