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    Hello again to all the wonderful people on this board.

    Dear Lainy, i was always impressed by your warm personality and your ability to jump in either to welcome a new member or to comfort another even at times where you needed to be comforted yourself.(that is what happens when you marry an Italian, I guess Teddy’s Mediterranean Personality is contagious)

    I do believe in God and eternal life. I believe in Jesus and the Holly Spirit, in Saints and miracles. BUT for now I AM MAD at all of them.( i know you can keep it a secret)

    So for now allow me to have some time to heal, and i am sure when i am ready i will ask you to email the list of signs that our loved ones are around.

    As for you my lovely Julie, I was in tears reading your reply to my post. I know that my pain will never stop, i might act or look normal to others after a while but my heart will forever bleed.

    i am passionate about your long posts and the way you vent to all of us on this board. Keep it coming, don’t ever feel like you are complaining, whining or not making sense.We are here to listen to you and others. This board is for anyone that needs some attentive ears and comforting words to lift him up.
    By the way, i want you to promise me that sometime after you are all done with the chemo and life is back to normal, you are going to let me have taste of the delicious cake that your are going to bake for your grandson. For all of you on here that don’t know:” Julie Ann’s Cakes ” are the best…

    Marion oh MARION: Our Advocacy Director and” Unsere Deutsch Engel”… did i say it right?
    you just hit it on the nail: life is not perfect, unfair and unpredictable. We never know when our whole word will turn upside down.
    I never feared anything in my life as long as my family and loved ones were in good health and safe. AND THEN… the earthquake hit our family.
    I am not sure if i will ever get over the impact of my losses, My Life has changed forever.

    Thank you all for welcoming me to your board


Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)