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    my husband looked into several clinical trials.

    because of the “usual” late stage (3 or 4) diagnosis with this cancer–
    he was not eligible to participate in the one that interested him most.

    as someone else mentioned, if trials are not in your area (state/town/
    close proximity) the cost of travel and staying in another part of the
    country for an extended period of time can be make participation
    very inhibitive (cost wise).

    there was one in Mass. that was ALMOST a fit for him–but he was too
    far advanced (stage 4) and he also would have had to stay in Mass for
    about 6 weeks (at his expense).

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    my husband just told me this today!

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    welcome Jason

    i don’t have much to add–my husband has stage 4 CC (spread to lungs
    and lymphs as well) so he is not ever a candidate for surgery.

    (He’s 44, we have 4 kids age 19 to 9)

    But I did want to say after one FULL round (9 weeks) he has had
    GREAT “shrinkage” of his tumors (gem/cis).

    We are continuing onward…we’ve met another CC “survivor” via
    Facebook who is the same stage and cancer spread as my husband
    (So again no surgery options available).

    He’s on month 20 and has had a FABULOUS response to chemo.

    Just know there’s always hope!

    best wishes…Dorien (kyle is my husband) :)

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    so sorry :(

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    good luck Carrie and best wishes–today is our chemo day too.

    We’re off for Round Seven!


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    best wishes, good thoughts and prayers coming your way!

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    Thanks for that info (sorry to threadjack orig thread–)
    did NOT know we could send info off to other dr’s.

    That is good to know since travel is not an option!

    Treysam–GREAT news on “shrinkage!”

    “in the lungs” means that the cancer has spread to my husbands lungs
    as well–

    he had his first PET scan thursday- after 9 weeks of treatment!

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    Welcome Christine-
    my husband is also not a candidate for surgery (in liver, lungs and lymph nodes)

    he is also a dad to 4 kids and he’s 44–this whole cancer gig is NOT
    fair!!! i agree.

    My husband was actually SUPER tired before chemo and just finished
    his first round (9 weeks of gem/cis–2 on and one off)

    the chemo has improved how he feels A LOT! he had almost
    no side effects (other than fatigue)

    so, for now, he’s doing pretty darn good!

    have that hope that the chemo can make him feel better.

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    my husband is 44 with CC–in his liver, lymphs and lungs.
    he was diagnosed in March of this year.

    we have had two opinions (locally) and were told he will never be a
    candidate for surgery because he is stage 4, and because the cancer
    has left his liver.

    he has just finished his first round (2 weeks on, 1 off–9 weeks total)
    with Gem/Cis.

    he tolerated the chemo EXTREMELY well (other than fatigue) and is
    still working, living life, etc.

    I would love to hear if other Drs consider surgery for CC patients
    where it has spread—we were just told its not an option.
    (and unfort. we dont have the resources financially to travel
    for other drs/opinions.–that’s just a fact and NOT a pity party!) :)

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    that’s good news–we are 6 treatments in and my husband has done great with all of them so far (on same treatment)–he just experiences the “tired”

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    thanks everyone for your input!

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    hi there and welcome

    i’m just curios why he’s choosing not do have anything done?

    and its obviously HIS decision….but curious as to his reasons.

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    oh my goodness –you are in SLC too.
    (we are as well)

    with literal tears in my eyes…i want to tell you how sorry i am
    for your loss–i know someday this will be our path and it makes
    me weep every time someone else looses this battle. :(

    i am truly sorry. :(

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    ok i have a question! (i think i follow you instagram–right?)
    i’m the “bompie4”—

    anyway, wondering your original “staging” of the cancer–and am
    assuming it was only in the liver.

    I always like to hear what/where everyone who has hope started!

    thanks for sharing.

    you are so so young!! i hope only the very best things with you
    and your outcome!!!

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    Thank you Annie!

    Thank you Pat.

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