ERCP or PTC Survey – We Need Your Help

ERCP or PTC Survey – We Need Your Help

CCF is partnering with the Medical University of South Carolina and leading medical institutions to conduct a study of whether ERCP or PTC should be used as the first procedure for eliminating jaundice for patients with cholangiocarcinoma, while also taking into account patient attitudes, values and expectations.

Both procedures have been widely used for many years for relieving jaundice and its related symptoms, but few studies have compared their merits and disadvantages.

This research has the potential to not only measure the effectiveness of the procedures, but to also ensure that all stakeholders can be fully informed about the critical choice between having an ERCP vs. PTC.

What to expect?

  • Patients and/or caregivers should take this brief survey, even if neither of these procedures was performed.
  • Survey includes 4 yes/no questions!
  • 1-2 minutes to complete!
Take the survey
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