Posted on Feb 13, 2018

My Mother Barb who fought Bile duct cancer from July 23, 2008- Sept 5, 2010. She had the cancer way before the doctors found it. She started going to the doctors in January of 2008 and having tests done all the time but the doctors didn’t find it until July 23, 2008. This cancer is very hard to find. Mom fought a hard and long battle. She was a very loving, outgoing person, kind and had a big heart. She always said, she didn’t want to be defined according to what type of cancer she had. She also, always said, “the cancer ” it just took one more thing I can’t do away. She used the drug adz6244 in a clinical trial in Ohio and got longer time to live. She had two years to fight and managed to do a lot in those two years too. She also said, Not to let the grass grown under your feet and KEEP SWIMMING.