Posted on Jun 3, 2015

As I reflect on Father’s Day this year, it takes on a whole new meaning having just lost my dad only a few months ago to cancer. While I still ride the waves of the grieving process, I can honestly say that I know my Dad loved me through thick and thin, and earnestly did what he could to help me and my siblings to grow, to let us stumble but land softly, to watch us stray but patiently wait for us to return and to teach us how to treat others with respect and compassion. My dad was the real deal. The last six years showed the true character of this man as he battled this relentless disease. His fierce determination and positive attitude bought him “the bonus years” and he lived every second of those years with selfless intentionality the best he could, showing the rest of us that we all choose how we want to spend our time here, now matter how long we have left on Earth. I miss him greatly but I’ve also got a piece of him inside me that won’t be going anywhere and I can thank him for passing that on to me.

So Happy Fathers Day, Dad, and to all the great fathers out there. You are missed and you were one of the great ones, Dad.