Posted on Jul 21, 2015

My husband Colin lived for only 32 days from the date of his diagnosis. He was 62 years young and looking forward to retirement in a few years. Not only was his death shocking to me and our 20 year old son because of the quickness of it, but he had always been the healthy one! When he was first admitted to the hospital in an attempt to place the biliary drains in his side, he was working from his hospital bed. I overheard him tell a business associate that he was doing great, except for “this little touch of cancer”. Colin remained strong and stoic in the face of our devastating news. His primary concern was not for himself, but for the family he would be leaving behind. He was allowed to come home briefly, between hospital stays, and he was so excited to watch the first Clemson football game of the season on TV with our dear friends. I will always remember his smiles and his laughter as his alma mater was victorious in the last game he saw them play. The following Saturday, he died. Colin was strong in his faith and in his love of God, and I know that he is in Heaven – pain free, healthy, watching over his family from above, and cheering on those Tigers!!