Posted on May 31, 2015

Eric Nahm loved life. He loved a great meal, a great glass of wine, a drink made with perfectly aged gin. He loved classic cars and vacations on the beach. He loved all of these things, but what he lived for during this fight with Cholangiocarcinoma and every day leading up to it, was his family; his lovely wife, Ruth, who he knew he’d marry the night he met her, his 3 daughters and their husbands, his 2 grandchildren and one on the way. He knew every day fought was a day won that he could spend with these people who were his everything.

He recently succumbed to Cholangiocarcinoma after a 27 month battle. Being at his memorial service was one of the most touching days of our lives. Countless friends, family, and many who knew dad were sharing their stories of him and one theme emerged every time. Eric Nahm was the most proud father anyone had ever met. Many who knew him would come to each of us and share stories he’d told them of his pride in “his girls”. What a blessing for us all to have those memories.

One of the final goals of his life was writing and publishing a short memoir about his journey. “Living, Loving, & Learning: Fighting Cancer with Vigor” was his way to giving back to the world for all it had given to him. He wanted to share his story from diagnosis and throughout the ups and downs. He hoped to help other cancer patients and their families to see that attitude is as important as chemotherapy when it comes to the fight. Our dad lived every day with a positive attitude as best he could. He always looked for the rainbow after the rain, be it a bad scan report, or pain management issues. He valued his family so much that he asked each of us to contribute to his story as it was our story too. He wanted to donate every penny raised from sales to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation and we are fulfilling his wish.

Eric Nahm, our husband, father, and Pops, will forever be missed but never forgotten. His words and spirit will keep him alive.

“Living, Loving & Learning: Fighting Cancer with Vigor” can be downloaded as an e-book at the following links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble