Posted on Oct 14, 2015

I was diagnosed of having a tumor in my bile duct on December 27 2001. After tests to see if I was eligible for surgery, I had my Whipple surgery on January 30 2002. After four days in ICU and two weeks on the surgery ward I was released to go home.
Two friends came in as caregivers because I was single and lived alone. They stayed with me for several weeks and since then I have been on my own. Because the diagnosis was very early the surgery was completely successful and I did not need Chemo. The surgery was done at the VA Hospital located in Loma Linda California and my surgeon was Mark Reeves Md, PhD.
Next January I will celebrate my 14th anniversary of my surgery. I am now 85 years old and I still live by myself in my home. The only complaints I have at this time are age related as I believe I am cured. My doctor tells me that the reason I survived was early diagnosis, great surgeons and the fact that I had a positive attitude from the beginning.