Posted on Oct 3, 2015

My husband was an incredible man. His name was Howie Lowitzer
and he left this earth on November 7th, 2012. He was born and raised
in the Buffalo, NY area, served proudly in the 101st Airborne, and was an
amazing father to our four children and doting Papa to our grandson.
In November of 2011, at the age of 49, Howie was diagnosed with
cholangiocarcinoma. It was a breathtaking blow to us…and we vowed to fight.
My husband was treated at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He joined
a study and received chemo, both IV and orally. Every chemo appoint-
ment he wore a superhero tee shirt…Superman, Wolverine, The Hulk,
even Popeye. The nurses and doctors loved him, they loved his smile
and his sense of humor, his optimism and his hope. Understanding
that there was no cure, our goal was to turn this illness into a chronic
one. And Howie did so well for many months, toughing out the difficult
nights and days after chemo and rallying to travel and go on dates and
lunches and family gatherings at every opportunity. Mexico, Cleveland,
Toronto, Niagara Falls…we celebrated his 50th birthday in June with a
big surprise party in our backyard.
In August of 2011 we had a small spread noted to Howie’s sternum and
he was progressively getting sicker from his chemo…this meant the end
of the study and the progression of symptoms.
Howie, in prayer and in hope, had always asked for not necessarily a cure
(although he’d take it if it came his way, he said!) but for the strength and
dignity to get through what he must go through. In November, Howie
passed away in our beloved home, in his own comfy bed. Hospice was
there to help in his comfort and to support us.
With myself and our four children surrounding him, I told Howie that I
would help him, and then, somehow he would have to help me….
his last words were, ‘I will.’ The words he heard as he left this life were
words of love from his family.
A wonderful man, husband, father, grandfather, mentor, hardworking
provider, lover of life. Taken by cancer. He is now an inspiration to live a full, joyful life…
and to work towards advancing treatments and ultimately, finding a cure.