Posted on Oct 3, 2015

My beautiful mother was dx in April 2012. She had gone to the dr bc her left leg was swollen. They found a blood clot in her thigh and decided to do a cat scan to see if she had anymore clots. Instead they saw something in her liver. 4 doctors later we found out she had stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma. They told her she could try chemo and possibly radiation. Surgery was no option. She spent months going through chemo and saw no improvement. The Drs then decided to put a catheter into her liver to drain the bile. She went through that surgery and two more surgeries bc the tube kept falling out of place. She suffered a lot. I lost her on March 23, 2013. she fought hard for her family. But just couldn’t hang on anymore. I lost her before she got to meet her grandkids. It’s an awful cancer and I hope one day we will find a cure so no other people have to watch someone they love deteriorate from this cancer. Love you mom. Miss you, wish you could of been here to hold your first grand kids.